Bedroom closets are usually small; there’s not enough room for your clothes, shoes, underwear, ties, hats and other accessories.  There’s barely enough room to get inside and find what you’re looking for.  If you’re aiming for a bigger closet–or better yet, a walk in closet–a great option is to use a spare room.

A spare room is a great alternative to use when you’re running out of closet space.  When done correctly it can hold your clothes and much more.  No windows work best due to privacy issues and the sun fades clothes.  If the spare room does have windows never fear.  With light-blocking window treatments it can work.  Make sure it’s thick and dark.  If there are too many windows in that room you may have to cover the window with baseboards to regain that extra space.

Turning a spare room into closet space is easier if the room is completely rectangular or square shaped.  Basements, spare bedrooms, nurseries, home gyms and dens are examples of rooms that work well as closet space.  Looks and budget will determine what your soon-to-be closet will become.  Choose between wall based (the main parts attach to the wall) or floor based (main parts attach to the wall and floor) walk in closet organizers, the color, and design and you’re good to go.  If you plan to add additional lights or outlets in the future closet you will need a permit first.

Attics and other rooms with sloped or triangular angles are not the typical place for closet space.  In order to make the space work it takes more creativity.  The key is to embrace the space for what it is.  Don’t change the room to make it the dream closet; embrace the quirks that make the space unique.  From there design around the unusual space.  Make sure the space is easy to access without bumping or hitting your head.  Rearrange the space in a way that the space works with you not against you.  Make it energy-efficient and include features like a skylight, open shelves and mirrors. The results are breathtaking.

Be careful changing vacant rooms into a large or walk in closets.  Rental property like homes, apartments, lofts, and townhouses come with strings attached.  Landlords may not want drastic changes to their home.  It is not recommended for temporary homes either.  This idea is best served for homeowners who pay a mortgage or own their own home.

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