No Space Is Too Small

The recent popularity of the “Tiny House” concept, has driven a lot of thoughtful and innovative features in modern-day storage. Of course, these creative options don’t need to be limited to just tiny homes, recreational vehicles, and vacation properties. Many of these small space storage options translate over to modern day homes of every size, shape, and style.

The underlying concept behind small space storage is to make use of areas that often go ignored. It can include cubbies, small desk stations, and cabinets or shelves hidden behind wall panels. In some cases, can be storage space built into custom furniture. Our designers can then build your style into or around the small storage space to maintain the overall décor of the room.

Under Stairs Storage

This can be one of the more convenient options. In the past, older homes were built with the stairs to the basement going down under the stairs leading to the second floor. This architectural feature is becoming less popular in new construction homes, and of course homes without an established basement space.

In these situations, the side wall of the stairs can be opened up and any structural elements reinforced. The newly available space can be turned into a reading nook, a built-in desk station, or shelving unit. Many people with under stairs storage spaces like to have cabinet panels installed to disguise any shelving or storage.

An Under Window Bookcase Or Seat

This is an often under-utilized space that has become increasingly popular for people looking for small space storage. It can be used for books, shelves, or an open cabinet. Long, shallow tote bins and other storage systems can also be incorporated for storing seasonal items.

A Slide-Out Wall Shelf

This small storage space option started out twenty or so years ago to make the most out of lower cabinets in a small kitchen. Today they are found in many other rooms, particularly the bathroom, where people need to store a large number of small items.

Under Cabinet Drawers

They are more common in kitchens, where the space under the toe board often goes unused. They give you a shallow pull out space for storing flat, long items, like seldom used muffin tins and cookie sheets.

Behind Couch Shelving

This is essentially a narrow freestanding shelf or a built-in island. The top provides some narrow shelf space for items you want to keep close to the couch like a favorite book or the remote control for the TV. Some people will also use this area as a display space. With some of these shelves, the base can also be integrated into a slide-out shelving unit.

Hanging Baskets Integrated Into Cabinet Shelving

This is a popular option for individuals with small kitchens. This is typically a wire shelf or basket that is mounted on rails under a shelf. It’s meant to increase storage space in cabinets where the internal shelves aren’t adjustable.

A Pull-Out Or Rolling Refrigerator Spice Rack

This is a creative way to make the most out of the typical narrow slice of space between the edge of the refrigerator and the wall. It’s essentially a tall, shallow shelving rack meant to hold things like spice jars, honey, and other cooking items. It’s meant to allow more space in your primary kitchen cabinets.

Magnet Strips Mounted Behind Cabinet Doors

It’s more common in the kitchen. Strong magnet strips are secured into the backside of the cabinet door. Then small containers, made from magnetic metal can stick to it to increase spice rack storage.

Pantry Door Mounted Spice Rack

In some homes there can be a 2 to 4-inch gap between the back of the pantry door and the next closest shelf. Building in a basic spice rack in this area can open up more space in other kitchen cabinets.

Sliding Drawers Under The Sink

For most homes, the space under the kitchen sink or bathroom vanity is crowded with cleaning items and perhaps a well-disguised garbage can. It’s the sort of place that can easily become cluttered. Crouching down to reach something in the rear can be a real frustration, especially if someone in your family has compromised mobility. Adding easy to pull sliding drawers can keep the under-sink items neatly organized and easy to reach.

Low Hung Shoe Rack Hooks – They can be very helpful if you have a large family or you are frequently making footwear changes. The hooks allow you to hang shoes and sandals above the shoe tray in your foyer, to maximize space, without having to move all your footwear to the hall closet.

Fold-out Hampers – Can be handy in bedrooms and mudrooms. It gives you an easy to use hamper for dirty laundry when you need it. Yet tucks away to free up floor space when you don’t.