Home Office Organization Tips that work

Isn’t it great to work from your workspace, sip your favorite hot coffee and sit in the comfort of your abode? Well, it certainly is! The idea to work from home sounds appealing—unless your home office looks like a war zone! Home office workspaces are easily clustered due to paper and project work spread out in the room. If you want to de-clutter and brighten up your workspace, then you have landed at the right place—below is a list of home office organization tips by Closettec to aid you in the process.   [...]

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Get the Most out of Your Garage Space this spring

The long, gloomy winter days spent indoors are now finally over! It’s time to go out and shine bright like the sun. However, it is also the season to perform cleaning, famously known as-Spring cleaning! Not sure where to start with the process? Look no further, but just outside your window-your garage is calling out to you. A garage is often, the most neglected space of the house, filled with nothing but junk. Garage renovation is what you need this season. Read our tips below that can help get the most out of [...]

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Closet Design for Smaller Homes: Less Space Does Not Mean More Compromise

  Custom closets for apartments and tight spaces? You got that right! Most homeowners living in a cramped space might think they do not have enough room to store all of their belongings, and there could be no way out of this situation. In order to maximize the space, they have to rely on placing distasteful closet organizers in their home which are obtrusive, non functional and do not match the look of their interior. For small spaced homes and apartment dwellers, a stand alone closet organizer might look out of place and do nothing to enhance their home, however [...]

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LED Lighting for Your Closets Helps with Form and Function

The inexpensive and easiest way to increase the form and function of your closet is to embellish it with LED lights. For people with a walk-in closet, it is necessary for them to see their entire shoe and clothing collection in bright light. With LED lights promising to shower you with brightness, you need to take their word for it. Why? LED lights last for approximately 25,000 hours, can save you $30 on your electricity bill, and emit about 800 lumens. Benefits aside, LED lights can seriously help improve the form and function [...]

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Bedroom Closet Ideas That Will Complement Your Existing Interiors

Are you running out of room to store all your belongings? Do you get frustrated when you have to dive into the mess to find your favorite designer shoe? If yes, it is time for you to part with your existing means of storing things. Homeowners who are ready to do that will run into another obstacle—what type of closet organizers should they get for their bedroom? When deciding on the type of bedroom closet you require, you need to keep in mind the existing interiors of your room. The bedroom closet should [...]

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Bedroom Closet Organization for Your Child

When you organize your own closet, you can use categories like color, season, work, weekend or workout to arrange your clothes and accessories. When you are organizing your child’s closet, it’s not so straightforward. In addition to their current wardrobe, they most likely have many items in their closet that they have outgrown as well as new clothes that they have yet to grow into. This is especially true for infants and toddlers. Here are some tips for bedroom closet organization for your child that you can use now and also teach to your children. [...]

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Simple Tips for Bedroom Closet Organization

It is so easy for a closet to turn into a jumble of hangers, outdated outfits and mismatched shoes. Using these simple tips for bedroom closet organization, you can turn the mess into a beautifully organized space that has a place for everything, helping you to spend less time digging for socks and more time living your life.       Keep Similar Things Together When you are organizing your closet, use basic categories for organizing your clothes and accessories. Keep belts, bags and other accessories together on shelves or hooks. Group clothing [...]

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Spring Clean NJ Closets

Spring cleaning is a way for us to start over by tossing out old items. The one thing we say we're going to accomplish but never do is our closet. This is the year. Make time to tackle the closet first. You'll be amazed how much space you will save and how much more you can add in place of it. In nj closets take so much time to do. That's because we are told to take everything out of the closet and place the ones you want back in. Instead of doing [...]

Turn Unused Rooms Into Bedroom Closets

Bedroom closets are usually small; there's not enough room for your clothes, shoes, underwear, ties, hats and other accessories.  There's barely enough room to get inside and find what you're looking for.  If you're aiming for a bigger closet--or better yet, a walk in closet--a great option is to use a spare room. A spare room is a great alternative to use when you're running out of closet space.  When done correctly it can hold your clothes and much more.  No windows work best due to privacy issues and the sun fades clothes.  If [...]

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