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On the face of it, a linen or hall closet can be pretty utilitarian. They are meant to hold things like towels, blankets, sheets, washcloths, and dry items that typically either don’t fit in another room’s closet or are intended to be used by everyone in the household.

They also tend to be the kind of places where you can keep seasonal overflow items. Putting your child’s winter comforters in the linen closet during the summer leaves them more room in their own closet for toys, books, and the other items you don’t want littering their floor.

Deep Storage Solutions & Slide-Out Racks

Versatile Solutions to Maximize Hall Closet Storage Space

At Closettec our designers understand how important versatility is in a hall linen closet. Sometimes something as simple as adjustable shelves can help you keep similar things grouped together. This makes it much easier for people to quickly spot what they need, grab and go.

Basket systems are also very popular additions in a well-organized hall closet. Some can be set up to pull out on wall mounted rail, while others can be mounted directly under a sturdy shelf. If you prefer a cubby basket system, with dividers, can also help break certain items down by individual.

If the hall closet in question is meant to handle seasonal storage for things like bedroom closet overflow, a rod and hanger system might be ideal. The lower reaches of the closet might also be fitted for pull out bins of sealable totes.