If you really sit back and think about it, you likely have just as many accessories as you do clothing items. Some people even have more accessories than they do clothing items. In many of these cases, an accessories closet might be just what you need to keep things grouped together and organized in a convenient way.

For some, an accessories closet might be little more than a large wardrobe kept in a master bedroom or a dressing room. For others, an accessories closet could be an annex integrated into the main space of a large walk-in closet. Yet for the true accessories enthusiast, an accessories closet can be its own standalone room.

Closettec’s design team has access to a wide range of organizational systems for accessories, which can help keep accessory items properly organized and easy to access. Each can be integrated with stylistic cues to make sure that the accessory closet or accessory space matches your intended visual theme. 

In the case of high-end accessories, like jewelry or high priced memorabilia, a display case might be called for. Our designers can work with you to develop the style, visual flow, and lighting to help the pieces on display stand out. This can be especially helpful if you want to enhance the area with a focal piece or accent.

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