Custom Pantry Storage Solutions

A Kitchen without a pantry can be quite a headache. Dry goods, bulk spices, and non-perishable foods tend to end up crammed haphazardly into cupboards and cabinets. At the same time, space is at a premium in most modern day kitchens.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of pantry systems available these days. This can be something as simple as a basic retail level wardrobe unit converted into non-perishable food storage space, to a reach-in wall closet-style pantry, all the way up to the luxury and convenience of a walk-in pantry.

Closettec’s team of experienced designers have spent years assessing kitchen spaces to come up with effective storage solutions. This includes pantry units of any shape, size, or custom design.

A Walk-In Pantry Blends Space With Style

If you are challenged with a small kitchen and happen to have a nearby closet that can be transformed into a Pantry then you are in luck when it comes to options. Many walk-in panties have either solid doors or frosted glass to prevent guests from seeing what’s inside. This also helps if things have a tendency to get disorganized. Closettec’s designers also have years of experience and access to some very innovative pantry organization systems.

Some of the more popular features found in a well-designed and organized walk-in pantry include:

  • Adjustable, heavy duty shelves

  • Adjustable dividers

  • Glass front cabinet doors

  • Slide out wine rack

  • Built-in wine cooler or beverage center

  • Hanging basket system

  • Cubbies with labels

  • Cabinets with lift outdoors

  • A pull out cutting board

  • Pull out shelves

  • Disposal Bin

  • Heavy duty produce bin for root vegetables

  • Storage space for less used kitchen equipment

  • Storage space for aprons, hats, hair nets, and gloves

  • Under cabinet or under shelf lighting

A Built-In Pantry That’s Meant To Last

Some built-in pantries are like re-imagined wall closets that have been adapted to provide additional kitchen storage. With this type of pantry its important to think about all the things that might be stored in it. Sure, a single can of soup might only weigh a little over a pound or two. Yet when you put 20 of them packed tight, it might cause a flimsy shelf to bow, or a hardware fastener to weaken. So, quality materials and durable construction are a must that needs to carry through with every single component of the built-in pantry.

Of course, one other advantage of custom made built-in pantry is the fact that it can be constructed to seamlessly match your kitchen’s existing styling cues. Our design team can help with material selection and making sure that your built-in pantry meets all of your needs.

The Benefits Of A Well-Designed Butler’s Pantry

A century ago it was unthinkable for a large home to not have a butler’s pantry. Even if you didn’t have a butler, chances are if your house was more than say 2,500 square feet, or it had a formal dining room, then it also had a butler’s pantry.

Somewhere along the line, as we were getting rid of the horse stable and coach kept behind the house, we also decided to get rid of the butler’s pantry. This might have been in large part because by the middle of the 20th century, very few people had butlers or live-in home helpers.

The truth is, a butler’s pantry isn’t just a place reserved for the butler. It’s meant to be a transition space between the formal kitchen and the formal dining room. Today the modern butler’s pantry can double up as a prep space pantry.

It might be the place where you keep the fine china and other dinnerware when not in service. It could have a knife block for carving turkeys and things like a prime rib roast. It might also be a great place to keep garnish items and plating accessories. Even something like a parsley plant growing in a sunny southern window can add functional charm and the ability to pinch a sprig for a fresh garnish.

Freestanding Pantry Cupboard With Style

A freestanding pantry is basically an aftermarket cabinet or wall closet. Most have a single or dual door design, depending on size. Other options include drawers, roll-outs, and baskets.

A custom unit or a high-end free standing pantry needs to be able to stand up to the rigors of holding some potentially heavy items. This means it needs to be built from solid materials and reinforced in the proper way. A custom freestanding pantry can also be tailored to seamlessly match your kitchen’s existing style.

There’s no doubt about it. The modern-day pantry has been re-imagined and evolved into the sort of thing that can take your cooking as well as your dining experience to the next level. With so many pantry organization options available, including custom systems, Closettec’s design staff is sure to help you find the one that is right for your home.