Custom Healthcare Organization Design

A doctor’s office, therapy room, or other professional medical space needs to be a clean and organized environment. A well-designed clinical space serves several very important purposes. First of all, it is a place that engenders a sense of trust in the patients who receive care there. It also needs to be a place where nurses, physicians, diagnosticians, and other service personnel can quickly access the equipment and information they need to provide patients with the highest quality of care.

These days most patient records exist in a digital filing system, meant to cross platforms to reduce fragmented care information. Yet the vast majority of medical and dental offices still keep some form of physical files. Many of these are coded in some way or carry their own inherent organization system.

Here at Closettec, our designers can help you find the right shelves, and system to keep all your physical patient files organized in the way that suits your practice best.

This includes things like:

  • Doctor’s individual office filing cabinets

  • Patient Cabinetry

  • Secretary Offices

  • Reception Areas

  • Front Desks

A Clinical Space With Functional Storage

A clinic space where patients receive care on a regular basis typically needs to hold a significant number of supplies. The last thing you want is to be sort on essential items or struggling to find a key piece of equipment in the middle of a treatment session.

Fortunately, Closettec’s design team have access to a wide range of organizational systems and carts that can keep everything you need for patient care close at hand. Many can also help you easily monitor the level, to reduce your chances of running out while administering treatment.

The following are examples of storage options you might be want to include in the clinical environment

  • Bins and bin systems
  • Freestanding cabinets meant to hold bin systems
  • Built-in cabinets with bins and cubbies
  • High-density storage carts with or without locking doors
  • Modular tray systems
  • A high-density modular racking system
  • Wall mounted tilt bins

Secure Storage For Pharmaceuticals &  Medications

With today’s opioid crisis in full effect and illegally obtained pharmaceuticals being sold right alongside illicit drugs on the street, clinical security of these items is tantamount. This is also a critical component for minimizing liability problems.

At Closet Tec we have access to a wide range of high-quality systems for organizing and securing medications in the clinical environment. Some of the more popular options available through our reputable vendor network include things like:/span>

  • A narcotics cabinet with a single door and either a single or double lock
  • A double lock pharmaceutical cabinet
  • Portable medication storage cabinet or cart
  • Portable narcotics container with a single or double locking security system

Building Exceptional Healthcare Storage

In many clinical settings, the ability to store key supplies in a built-in, freestanding, or mobile cabinet is essential. This might be a place for clinical supplies and equipment for treatment or to hold overhead inventory that may need to be prepared or replenished for the next day. Most doctors offices, dentist offices, and other clinical environments need storage space solutions for items that may not be used in active treatments.

Closettec’s design team has access to a wide range of shelving and organizational systems to help safety store surplus inventory until it needs to be used. Shelving units tend to be one of the more popular options in medical, dental, and veterinary clinics.

This might come in the form of built-in shelving units that are anchored directly into a storeroom wall, or freestanding shelves that can be easily reconfigured based on storage needs. There are also wire shelving basket systems and carts that might be helpful for reloading basic supplies at the end or beginning of each day.