Shoe Closets Are More Popular Than Ever

These days shoe manufacturers and shoe collecting are more popular than ever before. Many successful brands produce amazing units that catch the eye and spark the desire to collect them. Some types of footwear, like hiking boots, are functional, yet don’t bring a lot of visual spark. Others are largely ornamental or are saved for those rare nights out on the town when you want to dress to the nines!

Some people only own a small number of shoes. Most of them can be worked into a closet with a shoe fence on some low shelves or the occasional cubby. Yet for others, shoes are a collection that can span far beyond what your average walk-in closet can reasonably hold.

For this class of shoe collector, and independent closet for shoes and other accessories is very appealing. It is also a convenient way to keep all your options in one, nice and neat place.

Elegant Shoe Storage Design

Curating a shoe collection can be a bigger challenge than some might realize. There are a lot of different ways you might want to organize shoes and the accessories that go with them. Color, function, season, and value can all play a role.

Our designer can help you decide the organization method that fits you best, as well as the system that will best meet your needs. This might also include categorizing them based on whether they are adjustable, slanted with decorative toe stops, or slip on.

Many people want to keep a certain portion of their shoe collection out and easily accessible while storing away others behind doors.

Quantity Craftsmanship For The Future

Chances are if you are considering a shoe closet, then you already have a large, if not a staggering number of shoes in your collection. It also means that chances are also very good that your collection is going to grow as the years go on.

Our designers can work with you to take an accurate account of what your current shoe collection is. We can then factor in the planned purchases you might have on the horizon.

In a situation like this scalability and versatility can meld with design to make the most out of the space. This might include planning for utilizing “Empty Space” reserved for future shoe purchases and transforming it into a shoe display or an area for storing handbags. When the time comes to fill that space with a new collection of shoes, you can simply swap the space out for additional shelving, a shoe fence, or a display case.

Elegance & Functionality Inside Closets

Smaller closets within a walk-in closet or developed into another part of a master bedroom are increasingly popular these days. They are often used as part of whole-room transformations or remodels.

Stunning Display Cases

Many shoe enthusiasts enjoy keeping a few of their favorite pairs on display. This might be a permanent display with a high-end pair with its own established theme or a display that can easily be changed around any time you want to spice up the room. If you prefer custom display cases with sleek materials. Lighting can also be a factor with many shoe displays.

Closettec’s team can help you understand the breadth of options available to you to help develop display areas that match your personal style and collection.

Incredible Organization System

Different people have different styles and different ways that they like to organize things. To the uninitiated, a shoe closet is just a place to keep shoes out of the way. For the true shoe enthusiast, there are many different ways to organize shoes. This can include organizing them by color, by brand, by purpose, by value, or even keeping them in chronological order.

This personal organization style can also factor into the layout and other types of features our designers might present. You can then take the time to contemplate which one best suits your vision for today and in the years to come.

Shoe Display Design To Create A Focal Point

If you have a serious shoe collection, then chances are you have more than one pair that you like to show off. In these instances, our designers can help you come up with one or more shoe display areas to create a visual focal point in the closet. It can also be factored in with other elements of visual flow, to maximize the aesthetics.