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While walk-in closets offer copious space for storage and perhaps even dressing, a reach in the closet can actually be far more used and easily accessible. Also known as a “Wall Closet” it might be the preferred option in a master bedroom where space is at a premium. Reach-ins are also increasingly popular in secondary bedrooms, guest bedrooms, and children’s bedrooms.

Professional Design Services Create The Closet Of Your Dreams

By their nature, reach-in closets are typically custom designed. Many of the popular systems provide increased hanging space as well as shelving and drawers. Some shallow reach in closets use drawers and use basket systems.

Many of these reach-in systems can be designed to accommodate adjustable rod systems which can be sectioned off. This can maximize hanging space. This type of setup can be very beneficial if you need to keep sport coats, jackets, and suits close at hand.

Shelving, drawers, and basket systems can augment this convenient storage option. They allow you to quickly access things like undergarments, socks, and jewelry.

The high-quality reach-in closet systems offered by Closettec are very versatile. We understand that your reach-in closet needs to have custom features that meet all your needs. This includes accounting for the little details that all add up to make a world of difference in the end product.

Innovative Design Starts With Door Openings

The location and opening to a reach-in closet can be influenced by the doors in the room, as well as the structural components of the wall. Barn-sliders and Bi-fold doors tend to be ideal for those who prefer a full opening to view the entire span of the closet system when standing in front of it. It can also help to factor in return walls and headers in the initial design concept.

Door openings both to the closet and the room itself are often a major factor when it comes to designing and installing a reach-in closet. A large mirror or a solid sliding door can help discreetly hide the reach-in when not in use, yet also allow for quick and easy access at any point during the day.

Innovative Storage Options For Life’s Essential Items

When designing the reach-in closet of your dreams, you will want to begin with a two-stage plan that factors in both storage items as well as the available space. Our experienced designers are well-equipped to help you at every stage of the process. We can help you wade through the often-overwhelming number of options to understand the ones that are right for you.

In the early design stages, it can help to first assess the clothing and other items that you want to have close at hand. This will help you get a better idea of the kind of space you want to accommodate in the final reach-in closet.

Try asking yourself some key questions, “what you want your closet system to do? What are the things you need quick and easy access to?”

For example, will your reach-in close hold your array of suit and hanging sweaters? Will it need to hold formal gowns that require full hanging length? Do you need shelves or cubbies for a large number of shoes?

Making The Most Of Your Space

One of the overarching goals of the ideal reach-in closet is to focus on functionality, while also maximizing space. Our designers can work with you to help you to effectively analyze the space you have to work with as well as integrating the special features you need.

With most reach-in closets hanging space is at a premium. We want to make sure that there is ample room for what you need to hang right now, as well as enough available space to hang what you might need to add in the foreseeable future.

Closettec’s experienced designers also understand that versatility is important. For some people, a reach-in closet also needs to be adjustable. Perhaps five years down the line you will own more suit coats, and you’ll need to be able to transform a section of shelves into additional hanging space.

There are a lot of options available to help you make the adjustments you need to ensure that your new reach-in closet meets your needs for many years to come.

Once we have properly accounted for the necessary amount of hanging space, the focus can turn to shelving and other storage areas.

This might include striking a delicate balance between different options such as:

  • Shelves

  • Compartments or cubby space

  • Drawers

  • Cabinets

  • Innovative organizational features.

Thoughtfully Accounting For Life’s Important Accessories

Whether your reach-in closet needs to hold business suits and evening wear or sweaters, and sweatpants there will likely be other accessories that are important. Being able to account for these items in the design process will make sure that you have what you need, where you need it to be. The last thing you want is to have 90% of an outfit on hand, then having to go to another room to get an accessory item that goes with it.

This could include things like:

  • Hanging space for belts
  • Scarf racks
  • Tie storage
  • Shoe cubbies
  • Jewelry drawers and jewelry displays

When you really get into it, the number of options and how they can be arrayed can be a little staggering. Fortunately, our design specialists have years of experience coming up with very innovative designs that can integrate convenient features for maximizing your reach-in closet space.

Giving Your Reach-In That Extra Special Touch

Of course, the reach-in closet of your dreams likely needs to be more than just an opening that accommodates all the things you need in an innovative way. Most people with this type of closet also want to add some finishing touches or perhaps some elegant décor.

Some of the more popular options might include:

  • Custom trim and molding
  • Accent lights
  • Accent painting
  • Shoe fences
  • A fold-out hamper
  • Custom drawer fronts
  • Push to open drawers and cabinets
  • Attractive handles and other custom hardware
  • Shelving liners
  • Visually appealing materials like exotic wood, chrome, or other metals

Fall In Love With Your Custom Reach-In Closet