Elegant Wine Storage Ideas

Wine has been popular since the ancient days when it was first fermented from grapes in the area around what is now the Caspian Sea. It has since spread like wildfire through empires and nations throughout history, to become one of the world’s most beloved beverages.

These days more-and-more people are interested in developing their own wine collection. This can range from a few bottles kept tastefully on a counter-top rack, a dedicated cabinet, a wall organizer in a pantry, a home bar or even a dedicated wine cellar in the basement.

At Closettec we specialize in innovative storage solutions for your entire wine collection anywhere you wish to display it.

Dedicated Wine Storage For A Walk-In Pantry

If your house is blessed with a walk-in pantry, the potential things it might hold can be tantalizing. A pantry wine rack can be installed into a single heavy-duty shelf or built into an entry pantry wall.

The organization is, of course, key, with any kind of pantry wine rack. The ability to label sections or individual slots with the type and vintage will spare you the time of having to pull out and read each individual bottle.

The materials for a wine rack like this can vary. Most people love the classic warmth of wood set at the precise angle necessary to maintain the integrity of the cork. However, metal like powder coated steel might also be a good option, and one capable of supporting the weight of more than a dozen bottles of wine.

Well-Maintained Bottle Storage Or Wine Cellar

For a passionate wine or beverage collector, the wall in the pantry simply might not suffice. In a situation like this, a wine cellar or an entire room dedicated to bottle storage might be the ideal solution.

This might call for establishing independent climate controls, custom designed storage rack and a tastefully designed door. Even a humidifier or dehumidifier can be tastefully disguised to maintain the proper air quality. We can work with contractors while meeting your desired specifications for structure as well as style.

Convenient Wine Rack Cabinet

There are a lot of different types of wine. Vintages of white, red, rose, sparkling, fruit wines, and more, each with its own preferred pairings. Being able to keep a dozen or so bottles in the kitchen or at least close at hand.

In a situation like this, our designers can help you explore options for installing a heavy-duty wine rack inside a cupboard or cabinet. You can then take out a few bottles for a tableside display rack or open to let it breathe before serving.

A Tasteful Countertop Wine Rack

You can appreciate a nice bottle of wine with supper without necessarily transforming your pantry or basement into an expansive wine cellar. These units are typically made from laminate or wood, styled to match your existing décor. In many cases, they can serve double duty as a way to store a few bottles of wine close at hand, while also serving as a bit of a centerpiece or a display.

Storage For Tools, Glasses, And Drinkware

Of course, proper bottle storage or a well-designed liquor cabinet is only one important part of the equation. There are many other items that also help you make the most out of the experience. At Closettec we can help you devise a system for other accessories such as:

  • Corkscrews

  • Bottle openers

  • Ice pick

  • Re-corking tools and replacement corks

  • Low ball / high ball glasses

  • Stemware

  • Serving trays

  • Martini shakers

  • Awl