There are some bedrooms that simply have little to no existing closet space. Many of these also lack the necessary structural depth in the walls to accommodate a walk-in closet. A situation like this is often ideal for a wardrobe closet.

It’s a great way to increase your available closet space, without having to endure a long and costly remodeling project. A well-designed wardrobe closet can hold folded clothing, shoes, and even drawers, without having to make major modifications to the walls of your home.

Versatile For Any Budget

Variety Of Styles,  Finishes & Decorative Hardware

Hallways, Bedrooms, Living Areas

No Costly or Invasive Construction

Functionality With Visual Appeal

A wardrobe closet’s first responsibility is to provide convenient storage and organization options. However, this also needs to be tempered with a visually appealing look. Creating this kind of synergy is exactly the sort of thing that our designers excel at.

In some of these cases, a built-in unit with sliding barn doors, or mirrors mounted on sliders might enhance the room’s visual appeal, while also discretely keeping your clothing out of sight. In some arrangements, a simple set of floor to ceiling drapes can give a casual guest the impression that the wardrobe is just another window space.

There are also other times, where the wardrobe closet can be laid out with visually stunning cabinets and drawers with a display area.

There are a lot of options to consider. Our designers can help walk you through each of them to develop the wardrobe closet that best meets your functional needs, while also enhancing the appearance of the room.

Innovative Armoire & Cabinetry Systems Provide Superior Organization

Some people are interested in a wardrobe cabinet that also doubles as an innovative, and attractive cabinet system.

These different styles can also accommodate other treatments to produce a visual style that is unique to your space. Then a state-of-the-art organization system can be installed behind the attractive cabinet doors.

Attractive Storage & Organization Options

At ClosetTec we offer a staggering range of innovative closet organization systems. Many of which can be integrated to worth with a wardrobe cabinet.

Many of the more popular versions include options like:

  • Adjustable hanging areas
  • Adjustable shelving for folded clothing

  • Discreet shoe storage

  • Collapsible or expandable hamper system

  • Additional drawer space

  • A built-in dresser

  • Mirrored cabinet doors

  • Basket organization systems

  • Tie and belt hangers

Key Factors In Wardrobe Design And Installation


Ideally, a wardrobe closet system needs at least 24-inches of space. This allows hanging systems to accommodate most common garments, while also allowing enough depth for things like basket systems, shelves, and possible drawer features. Since most wardrobes are also tall, you also need to make sure that they won’t interrupt ceiling features such as fans, attic access, and lighting features.

Our experienced designers have spent years developing an eye for finding just the right wardrobe space. We can take into account the factors that can get in the way, as well as the factors that will let you make the most out of the closet organization system that best meets your needs.


Different people have different needs in their life as well as their organizational style. Fortunately, we have access to a wide range of innovative closet organization systems. Many of which are modular, scalable, and adjustable.

After assessing the scope of your needs and your personal style, we can present you with a range of options. Our professional designers can then help you whittle them down to find the system that both feels right for you, while also consolidating everything you need.

This kind of personal approach allows us to create a wardrobe closet system that will serve your needs today, and long into the future.


It’s important that we capture the aethstetic feel of what’s in your mind. Using a custom solution ensures that the design will fit perfectly into any decor you have or desire.

By their nature, wardrobe closets are highly visible. Some can be discreetly disguised by hinged or sliding doors. Yet many units are open for the eye to see. In any of these cases, our designers will work diligently to capture your vision for the wardrobe, while also helping it to blend seamlessly into the rest of the room.

With our professional guidance, your wardrobe cabinet will reflect your personal style and theme, while also maximizing your effective storage space. Our designers will create the perfect unique wardrobe that’s styled to your personal needs.