Create A Stunning Custom Home Office

For many a home office is a dream come true. Whether you are working from home, telecommuting, or simply need a place to bring home extra work from your business office, it needs to be more than a desk with an outlet for your laptop. A high-quality home office needs to be a place where you have everything you need right at your fingertips. It also helps if it can be a little stylish or even a place where you can take a moment to collect your thoughts.

Desks & Functional Furniture Designed To Meet Your Needs

The desk is the beating heart of any home office. As such it also needs to reflect your own personal style, while meeting all your functional needs. Some people want and indeed even need a large commanding desk that conveys its own presence and gravitas.

Wood is the most material used for most home office desks. However, metal desks also have an appeal all their own. Many custom home office desks integrate wood and metal to provide a stunning visual appeal and the warmth of wood, yet the solid strength and security that comes from metal.

Many of these desks also include some type of locking system to secure doors and drawers. This can be a very important feature if you need to secure important documents and high-value items.

Many home offices also feature other pieces of furniture, such as a couch, or a comfortable reading chair. If your business also includes occasionally hosting clients, you might also be interested in including a small table and chairs for casual meetings.

A Home Office That Meets All Your Business Needs

Being able to work from the comfort of your own home is an opportunity prized by many in the business world. Even if it isn’t necessarily the primary play where you get work done, and it’s just a place to pay the bills or do some online shopping, or maybe type out that “Next Great American Novel” your home office needs to meet your needs.

Closettec’s professional designers have helped many people explore the options and realize the ideal home office setting they need. Whether it’s just a small workstation in a lesser used corner of the home, or a full size dedicated single room. We make it a point to always factor in style and comfort as well as functionality.

Get An Experienced Assessment To Identify Key Features

Closettec’s design team will be able to work directly with you from initial concept, straight through to installation of your home office. We will start with an assessment of the available space as well as identifying each of your needs and vision.

This will also include additional features you might also want in the home office such as:

  • A flat-screen television

  • Wi-Fi or another source of internet access

  • Filing systems

  • Built-in or freestanding bookshelves

  • Music or other entertainment features

  • Primary and accent lighting

  • Display cases

Filing Systems And Book Cases

Many home offices have some sort of physical filing system. This might be as simple as a filing cabinet or two tucked away in an alcove or closet. A home office with counter space might also be capable of storing physical files and materials.

Many home offices also double to some degree as a private home library space. This might come in the form of a simple freestanding or built-in bookcase or even something as majestic as a floor to ceiling library with a rolling ladder system.

Shelving & Storage Options For The Modern Office

Some home offices also require a significant amount of storage space. This could include things like storing a second copy of a company’s archives, document storage, storing work materials and paper as well as other inventory storage space.

  • Floating Shelves
  • Wooden shelving units
  • A wardrobe closet with shelves and drawers
  • A locking cabinet for securing sensitive documents and materials
  • A paper shredder for disposing of outdated documents
  • Stationery item storage systems
  • Traditional closet space for business clothing items

Versatile Office Space

For some homes, the office can sometimes also double as the guest bedroom. However, this doesn’t mean that there needs to be a traditional bed sitting in the corner. A fold-out “Murphy Bed” might look like an ordinary section of the wall when the room is used for office space, yet it folds down into a solid bed with a mattress for those times when you are hosting company.

Doubles As Guest Accommodations

Home Office Finishing Touches

Every home office has its own unique style and finishes that both add to function, while also reflecting the personality of the primary user. This might include things like:

  • Display cases

  • Mementos
  • Industry awards and plaques
  • Accent lighting
  • Art and decorations
  • Favorite books
  • Bookshelves with industry trade publications

Incorporating Technology

In the business world today, connectivity is prized. Pretty much every home office space needs Wi-Fi or some other form of high-speed internet access. Being able to establish a home network with an independent line to the office might be just the thing you need to ensure that you don’t end up competing for bandwidth with other family members.

Many home office spaces also have some form of flat screen television in the room. This can be especially handy if your business involves the financial sector, or you simply want to be able to have a little “Me Time” in the comfort of a home office setting.

Many home offices also include some form of the audio system or sound enhancement. This allows you to set the mood and the energy in the room or allows you to just play some relaxing music, rather than working in silence.