A walk-in closet in the master bedroom or other essential living space has become the hallmark feature looked for and prized by many homeowners. Of course, they can vary in size, scope, and features to the degree that a quality walk-in closet isn’t just a large area to store things. It can be a personalized oasis for clothing and many of life’s other essential items.

Men and women enjoy custom walk-in closets that reflect their own personal sense of style. This can range from cool colors and clean lines to a warm organic space with options to meet your every need.

In the past, walk-in closets were thought of as something that brought value and appeal to a master bedroom. Today more and more rooms in a home are built or remodeled to include a walk-in closet in secondary and even guest bedrooms.

Still, the master bedroom tends to be the place where people look for and even expect to find a walk-in closet. A custom walk-in closet is the sort of thing that can help you maximize your daily routine, or even increase your home’s potential resale value.

A Custom Walk-In Closet Designed For All Your Needs

A high-quality walk-in closet isn’t just a place to store clothes, shoes, and the occasional jewelry box. Especially when it can become a truly personal haven to get your day started off on the right foot or a place where you can unwind in a comfortable environment, while selecting the right thing to wear for a night on the town

For some people, a custom closet is meant to hold items, and dressing is done elsewhere in the bedroom. Yet for others, a custom walk-in closet is more of a dressing room or even a luxury dressing room, with ironing press, counter space, jewelry displays. A few even include a vanity mirror with a seat and desk. There are even some that have special features like espresso machines, mini fridge, or even a small wine bar.

Matching Any Visual Aesthetics

In the past, walk-in closets were either square or rectangular in shape. This was sort of the limits of what a contractor could imagine, before moving on to finish the rest of the home’s drywall. Today, walk-in closets come in all sorts of sizes and shapes that tickle the limits of geometry. Hexagons, octagons, and even round-cornered organic spaces area all realistic possibilities with today’s modern designs and materials.

Thinking Outside The Box

As much as you want your walk-in closet to feel like an oasis in your day, you also don’t want it to be too starkly contrasted with the rest of the bedroom or the house. It often takes a careful and practiced hand to transform a walk-in closet into a unique space while also making sure that it still matches the essential style of the home around it.

Custom Solutions You’ll Love

In modern-day walk-in closets, flow is also integrated with a thoughtful organization system. It’s not so much about making sure that everything fits nice and neatly into the space but also making sure that one thing flows to the next in a way that doesn’t have you going back and forth with each different item.

This goes beyond simply keeping the belts near the pants and the shoes near the socks. Effective and efficient flow is also about forethought and functionality, while also bearing in mind that aesthetics matter.

The closet systems we design do more than just organize your clothing, shoes, and accessories. They make it a pleasure to get dressed every morning, in hopes of that energy following you into your day.

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