Custom School Shelving & Storage

Public schools, private schools, universities, and other educational institutions typically need a wide variety of storage options. Sometimes it’s a newly constructed school that needs everything from lockers to storage cubbies installed from the ground up. Most of the time, it’s an existing school that’s in need of a partial or complete renovation.

High-Quality Class Room Storage Solutions

Some classrooms only require some basic storage, or perhaps a place to manage some files. Other classrooms require much more extensive or specialized storage systems. Teachers who instruct in different classrooms, or who cover multiple topics might also need a way to transport materials from one room to the next.

Modern Day Lockers For Stylish Security

It’s a basic fact of most schools that students need lockers. Student-athletes might also need a basic locker for books and backpacks, and another locker near the gym or practice facility.

Older lockers tend to have security issues. Latches weaken over time, locks start to wear out, and other students start to figure out creative ways to open each other’s lockers.

Closettec’s design team are well-versed in a variety of student and athletic lockers. Our vendors provide units that are designed for maximum security with long term durability. Some of the more popular styles to consider include:

  • Single tier lockers
  • Double tier lockers
  • Triple tier lockers
  • Box lockers
  • Ventilated athletic lockers with improved airflow
  • Shop lockers
  • Instrument lockers for music rooms and auditoriums

Some of these lockers can come with built-in locking systems or they can be configured for the student to provide their own padlock.

Mobile Storage Cabinets often share a lot in common with metal cabinets, except they are built with easy to roll casters or wheels. This makes it easy to move if you need to rearrange a room to transport materials from one classroom to the next.

Lateral And Vertical File Cabinets are designed to hold file folders. Most also come with coding system supplies. Most include their own locking system. Most teachers, professors, and administrators use this type of cabinet for holding confidential files.

Science Room Work Station With Built-In Storage is designed to hold materials and equipment for students as well as instructors. Many have some basic cabinet doors, holding cubbies, shelves, drawers or an integrated basket system. These stations can be outfitted with casters to give them some basic mobility. However, most are secured in place, and might also be plumbed with water or gas lines to accommodate sinks or burners.

Science Room Cabinets typically need a secure locking system to prevent students from direct access to potentially dangerous chemicals or valuable materials. Some have glass or wire mesh for visibility. Many locking units have a solid face for added security.

Hazmat Safety Storage Cabinets are ideal for holding dangerous materials, chemicals, and biological materials. They can also be used to hold special equipment to treat potential wounds or clean up chemical spills.

Tote Tray Storage carts and cabinets are popular for holding basic art supplies and simple tools. Many of them can be integrated with wheels or easy rolling casters to help instructors move basic materials from one classroom setting to the next.

Classroom Shelving And Cubbies tend to be a little more popular for preschool and elementary classrooms. However, you might find them just about anywhere. They give students and educators a place to keep basic items and even books that don’t need security.

Metal And Wooden Shelving Units are specifically designed to be able to handle a significant load. Some are made from an extra sturdy metal frame that holds thick plywood shelves. This makes them a great option for storing textbooks, equipment, and inventory.

Plastic Bin Storage Units are a popular option for keeping small items organized. This might be hardware components in industrial technology classrooms, or basic equipment in science classrooms.

Instrument Cabinets are common in music classrooms and auditorium areas. They might hold instructional instruments or provide students with a place to store their instruments when they aren’t using them. Most include some type of locking system for superior security.

Flat Rolling Drawer Cabinets provide shallow, large shelves to hold things like documents, blueprints, and stencils. Most have some type of locking system to secure sensitive documents.

Key Cabinets And Safes help hold a variety of keys and other small materials in one secure location. Some are designed with a built-in physical locking system or a keypad to enter a confidential combination.