Create An Elegant, Modern Space

We have access to a wide range of home library organization systems. They range from classic oak shelves arrayed in columns, to visually interesting organic shapes, and even custom library shelving systems carefully designed to meet your specifications that will appeal to everyone who has the pleasure of being in the space.

A Private Library Space To Organize Your Volumes

Avid readers tend to collect books in droves. Some are beloved and might even have a well-worn spine from multiple reads. Others might have barely made it past chapter one before finding a dusty space on a bookshelf or in a box. Yet for others, a home library is a necessity of their career. They turn to volumes of precedent or key pieces of research published in trade journals years before.

There are also some individuals who are book collectors. The opportunity to invest in a book with historical or personal value also means they want a proper place to store them, and perhaps even display them. The last thing you want to do is leave them in a musty old box in the basement or cram them into an already crowded pre-fab bookcase in the living room.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, then you are likely contemplating converting a room in your home or just a wall in a home office into a private home library. At Closet Tec our designers understand that your books are prized possessions. Being able to array them and organize them in a way that works best for you is our top priority.

Make The Most Out Of Your Space

When designing a home library that meets your needs a delicate balance needs to be struck between the size of your existing collection, and the space you want to host it. For some people, this might be a large alcove or a wall in their home office. For others, it might be integrated into their family room’s built-in entertainment center. If you have a large collection, or you anticipate your collection is going to keep growing over the years to come, you might be thinking about converting an entire room in your house into a dedicated private library space.

Of course, the organization is also key. Trade journals need to be grouped thoughtfully either by date, or subject matter. Fiction and nonfiction stand apart from reference materials. Magazines organized by publisher, date or genera. The myriad of ways that your library can be organized can be staggering. Our designers have the experience to help you find which method or system is right for you.

We also understand just how important the décor of the room and it’s ambiance can affect how you use it. Our designers are well versed in a wide range of styles, from Modern, to Traditional.

Designing A Private Library That Matches Your Personal Style

Of course, a private home library is more than just a collection of well-organized books, magazines, and trade journals. Many home libraries also make space to display other items.

This might include things like:

  • A display space for prized volumes

  • Hanging wall art

  • Display sculpture

  • Industry awards

  • Plaques

  • Trophies

  • Family photo displays

  • Personal mementos

  • High-value collectibles

Modern Innovation Blends With Organization

If you walk into a modern-day public library you will find far more than just towering bookshelves crammed with old tomes and paperbacks. These libraries, that operate on bare-bones funding, also tend to have multi-media access. They have viewing areas, computers, research technology, music equipment, specialized reading areas, and much more.

A home private library can also be a place of innovation. Especially, if the library will serve as your full time or part-time office.

Some of the more popular innovations and features included in a well-designed private home library might include:

  • A well-organized desk space
  • Counters or work stations to lay out materials
  • A computer station with high-speed internet or Wi-Fi access
  • A flat-screen television screen
  • A built-in sound system
  • A comfortable reading chair or nook
  • Window bench that doubles as comfortable seating
  • A beverage station
  • A mini-refrigerator or freezer
  • Attractive lighting
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Indoor plants
  • Drawers
  • Cabinets
  • Storage cubbies
  • Custom bookends

Custom Built-in Bookcases Anywhere You Dream