Just like their clothes, your child can gradually outgrow their room and their closet. As the years go by their tastes can change, and they can start to accumulate more clothes and other everyday items. The changes in their décor can often be addressed by a fresh coat of paint, and perhaps some new curtains or wall hangs. Yet keeping their things organized can be frustrating. Especially, if you have a teenager who simply hates to clean their room!

Big Ideas for Pint-Sized Boys & Girls

In many of these cases, providing them with closet space that features versatile, and scale-able organization options may just let their room grow with them, from cradle to young adult movie collections. Our designers have helped many families to develop versatile children’s closets that continue to meet their needs year after year.

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Children naturally tend to collect things, and as they grow from one stage to the next it can be hard to sort through what stays, what goes, and what has remained around for a little too long. Our experienced designers can work directly with you to design the type of custom closet that gives them ample storage space, while also being versatile enough to change with their needs.

When they are little there are certain things you don’t want your child to have access to. Being able to set up their closet to keep certain items up high will go a long way toward ensuring that your child’s room is safe.

As they get older and grow taller, their needs are sure to change. There will be times when you want them to take the independence to get things for themselves. Being able to provide them with easy to open drawers and lower shelves that are in reach for their short arms will go a long way toward instilling them with the self-reliance a school-age kid needs to thrive.

By the time they become teenagers, chances are your son or daughter will want to be able to make the room in their own vision. This might even include an area where they can keep certain things private.

The designers at Closettec understand these different needs for different phases of life. We can help you to better understand the wide range of features and organization systems available. Our overarching goal is to provide you and your child with a closet that meets their needs between now and the day they are finally ready to move out on their own.

“Thoughtful Designs For Future Convenience”

A Nursery Closet With Everything Close At Hand

In the early years when they are still babies and toddlers, most of your child’s closet needs will be focused on what you need to provide them with. Cubbies for diapers and diaper changing supplies that are easy to find in the dark of night. Large hampers to hold the multiple outfit changes they might need in a day. Easy access storage space for beloved stuffed animals and soothing warm blankets.

The School-Age Kids Closet

By the time they are ready to go to school, chances are your child will need a very different closet space than they did while they did before potty training. This might call for replacing diaper supply shelves with shoe racks for tennis shoes, dress shoes, athletic cleats, and summer sandals. The bins that once help folded fluffy blankets might now hold books, favorite toys, school supplies, or art project materials.

The Teenager Closet Challenge

There are some kids who are born with a special type of gene that drives them to always keep their room neat and organized. Yet for most of the rest, the challenge of getting their teenager to keep their room in order is a challenge taller than the pile of dirty laundry they leave in their wake.

Being able to provide your teenager with a closet that is easy to use, and versatile enough to change with the swinging needs will help encourage them to keep things in proper order. Adjustable features might also cater to their growing need to set things up in their own way.

This might include adding things like cushions or a bean bag chair. Simple upgrades to a reading area can also help them feel like the space truly belongs to them. Of course, most teenagers need some type of desk space. There is some wardrobe, and shallow walk-in closet systems that can be set up with a pull-out or a fold-out desk, to give them somewhere to do their homework.