A craft room or a hobby room can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Of course, the particular craft or an art form that you work with most will certainly influence the kind of equipment you need.

Let’s say you are passionate about building model cars, boats, and planes. Chances are you would prioritize storage for small tools, X-acto knives, and small clamps. Surely you’d want an area where you could keep things neat and clean for finish painting. It would probably be nice to have an area where you could store display supplies and maybe even room for a prized display piece or three.

Make It Uniquely Yours

This type of craft room would be very different from say someone who liked to paint. In that type of craft room, the priority might be given to space for an adjustable easel, a counter for stretching and framing canvas, and places to store drying gear or drop cloths.

Someone who loves to sew and make quilts might have a completely different set of needs and storage priorities. For them, a securing sewing table with a fold out extension might help when working with larger pieces of fabric. Space to stretch, measure and cut various fabrics and thread storage built into shallow cabinet door shelves might top their list.

Affordable Storage Ideas For Your Crafts

Closet Tec’s designers understand that a craft room is about more than just storing a bunch of materials and equipment. For a lot of people, it’s the place they go to get away from the stresses of their day and immerse themselves in something they love. For some, it’s practically a staycation!

Our designers will take the time to talk with you to assess your needs and explore various options. We have years of experience working to bring the most out of even the most limited of spaces. We specialize in being able to find just the right organization system for any room in the house.

Some popular features you might find in a craft or hobby room include:

  • A large work desk

  • A convenient place to store equipment

  • A light table that can also double as a work desk

  • Equipment cubbies with lower spaces to store large tote bins

  • A workbench with flip-top storage

  • Hanger space for textiles, craft paper, or fabric

  • Under cabinet LED lighting

  • Wall track system with adjustable hooks

  • Easy-access drawers and cabinets for full hands

  • Cabinets with glass door to let you see what’s inside

  • A tastefully disguised audio system for musical ambiance

  • A basket system to conveniently hold bulk items close at hand

  • Fold out doors with shallow shelves for holding the thread and small supplies

  • Gift wrapping center

“Store Everything Within Reach”

Creating A Craft Room With A Place For The Kids

If you have a craft room and you have children, then chances are pretty good they are going to want their own little piece of real estate. Left to their own devices, children can be pretty messy. Given the right sort of space, with thoughtful organization and cleanup as a priority, an otherwise unused corner of your craft room can be transformed into a child’s art studio to enjoy doing crafts with.

Giving your child a corner of your craft room or making a dedicated craft corner in their playroom is also a great way to keep the mess of creativity isolated to one area.  With creative children, speed is sometimes of the essence. Being able to quickly pull out a small kid’s art easel can keep them from getting bored during the setup. A small craft table set to their height gives them a place to paint, sculpt, and play.

The features that will be best for your child’s hobby corner will of course vary depending on their age, interests and skill level. Our designers understand that it’s also their space too. Whenever possible we try to be mindful that your child will need an art or creativity space that grows with them.

An adjustable storage space system can help hold the items they move or be changed to accommodate other materials, should their interests change a few years later.

Some popular options to consider in child’s craft room might include:

  • A roll of craft paper, or a shelf for a drop cloth

  • A hand-held vacuum cleaner

  • A quick and convenient place to store a small adjustable easel

  • A secure box to hold scissors and other sharp tools

  • A large pull out waste bin

  • A collapsible laundry hamper

  • Hooks to hang aprons, smocks, and paint shirts

Custom Designed Hobby Or Craft Room Work Bench

There are some crafts and hobbies like jewelry and small woodworking projects that only require a small workbench. In a scenario like this small shelves to hold delicate tools and clamps might be a priority. The ability to mount an overhead LED light or secure a small vice can also be helpful. With this type of workbench having an additional toolbox or a wall storage system nearby can also help hold lesser used tools conveniently nearby.

Craft and hobby rooms are increasingly popular these days. They tend to be the kind of place where you can just get away, unplug from the digital world and focus on your preferred craft.

This can include things like:

  • Painting

  • Wood burning

  • Other small-scale wood projects

  • Clay sculpting and pottery

  • Scrapbooking

  • Framing and photo collage

  • Floral arrangements

  • Leatherworking

  • Drawing and charcoal rubbing

  • Sewing and needlework

  • Quilting

  • Metalworking

  • Jewelry design and repair

The Scrapbookers Workbench

These days scrapbooking is incredibly popular. People keep scrapbooks for a variety of reasons. Many enjoy using them as a way to commemorate a shared experience, such as a family reunion, or a vacation. At the same time, there are some people who love to scrapbook as an art form.

One thing is for sure, in the world of scrapbooking; It takes a lot of supplies! Paper for background and components. Glue to hold decorative accents. Heavy duty paper and other base materials. They all need their own place mixed amongst tools like scissors, X-actor knives, tweezers, and craft sticks. A workbench that can also help secure a page of a book in place while working on it, can also be a nice touch.

Under bench storage drawers or easy access, reach-in shelves can be very handy with this type of workbench. A larger unit might also benefit from an integrated basket system. Closettec’s designers can work with you to assess your needs and either the perfect workbench for you or design a custom one.

Pottery And Sculpture

A potter's wheel or a workbench for a clay sculpture is just the tip of the functional iceberg in a clay workshop. The tools used to make texture and decorative features each need their own space. They also need to be organized in a way that makes them easy to reach a moment’s notice.

Being able to store clay and other materials nearby, while also maintaining the proper moisture level can make the difference between a masterpiece and a frustrating day in the studio. Fortunately, Closettec has access to a variety of versatile storage and organization systems. Whenever necessary, we can make custom alterations to develop a workbench that meets all your needs.