Customized Mudroom Closet Designs

Living in the Northeast and dealing with the changes in seasons certainly has its challenges. One of these challenges is how to keep your home clean after coming home from a sandy day at the beach, raking autumn leaves, stomping snow off your boots after a winter storm or tracking mud indoors on a spring day. Each season has its own drawbacks as far as where to hang you outerwear and store your muddy footwear.

Of course, there’s a lot more that goes into a well-designed mudroom than just providing a space to leave the dirty great outdoor behind. Intelligent storage features make it easy to make a quick change. This is especially handy if you have someone in your household who has a knack for forgetting something in the house, and going back for it with dirty, tracking boots!

For some families, a large mudroom can also double to handle some of the seasonal storage items. A thoughtful closet organization system here can be especially helpful if your garage storage is already near its max!

Common items stored in mudrooms include things like:

  • Coats, jackets, and vests

  • Hats, boots and other types of outerwear accessories

  • Children’s outdoor toys

  • Pet food and toys

  • Pet cleaning supplies

  • Pool toys and pool supplies

  • Winter boots and snow gear

  • Athletic equipment

  • Workout clothing and running shoes

  • Basic tools for maintaining outdoor equipment

Designing A Mudroom With Style

For some homes and families, the mudroom also doubles as the main foyer. Even if it isn’t the proper foyer of the house that visitors see, it might be the place you pass through on your way to the garage and the car.

In these situations the mudroom can also benefit from a little bit of style, blended with thoughtful function. The chaos of a disorganized mudroom can become the kind of stress that you carry with you into your day. It can also be the sort of thing that assaults your senses when you come home after a rough day.

Infusing a mudroom with some comfort features and a style that matches the rest of your home can go a long way toward starting your day and ending it on the right foot. Our designers can work with you to understand the kind of features that matter most to you. We can also use style cues from the rest of the house to make sure that your mudroom matches the rest of your living space.

Even a small entryway can give you a functional mudroom that utilizes storage and cabinets for eliminating clutter. Keep your home neat and clean with a custom design mudroom.

Call us today for a customized mudroom closet design that complements your home. A mudroom not only saves you time cleaning up sand, mud, leaves and snow tracked into your home, but protects your floors, as well.

The closet design specialists at Closettec offer you free, in-home consultations anywhere in New Jersey and Staten Island. So, if you’re ready to beat the Northeast weather, give us a call, email us or visit our showroom, and we’ll design the ideal mudroom solution for your home.

A Mudroom With Laundry Appliances

There are a lot of times, where you or your children come in from a rough a tumble day outdoors, covered in dirt, and grime, or simply smelling a little less than fresh. In a time like this, it can be nice to peel off the offensive clothes and toss them straight into the washing machine, without having to drag them through your otherwise clean house.

Many modern-day mudroom concepts include some type of laundry facility. This might be your home’s primary washer and dryer, or it might be a secondary washing machine meant to take the dirt and grime that you don’t want abusing your primary laundry room.

When applicable we can also help you select helpful features like a discreetly hidden fold-out ironing board or a place to store some basic sewing supplies.