When coming up with closet designs for bedrooms, most people simply think about how to maximize their storage inside this space. Today’s closets are something of a room in themselves, which is why their decorating scheme should also not be ignored.

It’s not unusual for closets today to have a combination of open-faced shelving and cupboards along with drawers and hanging rods. In order to jazz these compartments up a little, why not paint them in vibrant colors that will also match the rest of your bedroom? Use a combination of light and dark colors in order to keep the space bright and cheery, and you’ll also be more likely to keep it clean and well organized.


Your closet may sometimes be used as a dressing area, which is why the right type of lighting is essential here. Rather than ordinary track lighting, consider adding a chandelier in the center of your closet in order to light up this space. Near your dressing table, you could want fluorescent lighting that would make doing your hair and makeup a snap.

Don’t forget accessories to help you anchor this space and make it feel more homey. Wooden floors are ideal for your closet because they are easy to care for, and an area rug in the center of your closet will help soften the look of it a little. Not only that, but some smaller throw rugs in strategic areas of your closet will also make getting dressed much easier during the winter time when floors tend to be a bit colder.

Your closet can even be a nice place to add a vase full of flowers or a few framed photographs, especially if you have an empty shelf you could use to create a focal point. Many people also like to finish their shelves with crown molding for an even more elegant touch that also adds to a closet’s décor.

Your bedroom closet is intended to be used often, so why not make it both decorative and functional? For even more ideas on custom closets, contact us today.