If you are searching for different ways to improve your home you may want to use a company that builds their systems from the floor up as opposed to being wall hung. Some companies that sell wall hung systems have a high cost associated that can add 10-20 percent. Aside from the cost, it is not as flexible and structurally compromised when compared to a floor system. If you are ever making future home improvements wall hung systems may be difficult to grow with your family. Closettec provides solutions that are built from the floor up. This means that they are adjustable, removeable, and cost efficient. If changes are necessary it is very important to make sure that you have options that can accommodate the changing needs of your family.

When searching for unique designs that can fit with your home there are thousands of beautiful images across the internet but, many of these designs may not be realistic and do not take the size of your space into consideration. Closettec takes pride in displaying real examples of work from satisfied customers on their social media pages. These photos are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and reflect the beauty of the customer’s home. Many pictures online can look visually appealing but cannot fit the needs of the actual space in your home. When considering a new system in your home it is extremely important to view the functionality of your space as well as the aesthetical aspect.

During an initial consultation you need to see the vision of exactly what changes are going to be made. One unique aspect that Closettec can provide to customers is a 3 Dimension CAD (computer-aided design) design of the space during their first meeting. Our experienced designers will get the customer more space and organization that will accommodate their needs. The designers take pride in recommending choices that they would only use in their own home. The design consultants are able to display their customers ideas while applying choices that help keep to a budget.

Closettec prides itself on being readily accessible. We are a family owned and operated business that is available for you Monday through Friday in their 3,500 square foot showroom. The staff can show you all of the products that used in the showroom. They also offer 7 day a week in home consultations. Closettec manufactures all of their products in their 6500 square foot factory. Closettec does not subcontract any of their installations. Closettec employees will come in to install the system as it was intended, “Your Vision Made Real”.