People usually make do with the closets that come with their homes.  As long as the closet is big enough, you tend not to question whether it’s the best way of keeping your things.  However, there’s a difference between a closet that’s big enough and a customized closet made specifically for you.  No matter how big a closet is, it’s not really going to be the best space for your clothes and accessories if it’s not compartmentalized in the right way.  Here are a few signs that your closet needs a face lift:

  • You can never find your things in your closet.  Do you ever open your closet and find that things are looking a bit jumbled?  You think that your pajamas were supposed to be placed in one heap of clothes, but when you look there, you don’t see them anywhere.  They seem to have been replaced by exercise wear!  Sometimes, you can just tell by looking in a closet that it needs to be re-worked.  At other times, the signs are more subtle, such as not being able to find your things with ease.
  • Your clothes seem to end up on your furniture.  This could just be a sign that you’re not very organized and don’t put your clothes back into your closet after trying them on or washing them.  However, it’s also possible that your brain just keeps subconsciously telling you that there isn’t enough space in your closet, and this is why you keep putting your clothes in other places.  If you find that your clothes are often on your favorite chair or on your bed, chances are there isn’t enough space in your closet or it hasn’t been compartmentalized the right way.
  • You’ve stopped buying new things.  Maybe you used to love shopping at one point of time.  However, lately, does it seem that you’ve stopped buying new clothes for no reason in particular?  If this is true, you might want to think about whether you need more closet space or a better organized custom closet.  Your subconscious mind is probably telling you not to buy any more new clothes because they’re going to get squished and jumbled about in your closet.


So if you find that any of the above things apply to you, it might be time to switch gears and get yourself a customized closet in which you can organize your clothes and accessories.  Contact us for a variety of custom closets and we’ll make sure you end up with one that suits your needs.