Obtaining a custom walk in closet can do wonders for your organization and your overall comfort level. Storing your items correctly can also keep them in better condition for longer periods of time. Despite the benefits of walk in closets, they sometimes need a little something extra in order to best store your specific items. One of the best ways to do this is through walk in closet organizers, which are great ways to display and store your specialty items and set your closet apart from others. The following 5 accessories can be added to your closet for optimum organization.  


Roll-Out Basket These drawer-like accessories are best for lingerie, socks, scarfs or other small items that cannot easily be folded or hung. Having access to a roll-out basket makes it easy to put away items into a clean space and helps add a different look to your overall storage.



Tie Rack Keeping ties flat and clean has never been as simple as a tie rack. Our racks can hold many ties in a seamless design that helps make it easier to choose a daily tie. These are installed wherever you choose and can be made to be folded away and hidden.




Belt Hooks Being able to hang belts is not always an easy task. With belt hooks, avoid missing belts and mismatching colors. Hanging belts also keeps them in better condition than if they are left folded and creased for long periods of time. These hooks can also be added to multiple locations in your closet for your ideal convenience.




Jewelry Drawer This accessory will help avoid your jewelry becoming a tangled mess. It also gets your jewelry off of the dresser or bathroom counter and into an easy-to-use drawer that is compact and hidden from view. Having the proper storage for your jewelry will help prolong its life and protect its quality.




Drawer Dividers For those little items that can’t find a home, Drawer dividers are perfect for making the most use out of a contained space. The flexibility of drawer dividers allows you to choose how many dividers are in a drawer, what purpose they will serve and how large they will be. Your walk in closet should suit your lifestyle, no exceptions. Closettec systems offers superior closet accessories that every walk in closet owner should know about. To make your walk in closet stand out,contact us and start organizing today.