Towel or linen closets play a key role in most homes. Not only do they hold towels and washcloths, but most serve as effective storage for other bathroom supplies. Keeping an organized towel closet will go a long way toward keeping an organized bathroom.

Towel Closet Shelving Systems

Towel closets can hold a lot of different bathroom items that go beyond just folded bath towels. This might include things like luffas, washcloths, extra shampoo and conditioner, and bathroom cleaning supplies.

If you have multiple bathrooms with their old color scheme and décor, you might need to keep different colored towels separately. Trying to pull a single red towel out of the middle of a folded stack of white towels can require a lot of refolding. Thankfully, there are a lot of easy ways to break up shelves, divide them, or section them off to help keep everything in a towel closet in its own space.

Adjustable Track Systems For A Towel Closet

Adjustable track systems are easy to use and highly versatile. Most are made from thin strips of metal that have adjustable shelving clips. Two tracks in the front of the towel closet and two tracks in the back will let you quickly change the height of each shelf. This is a great way to maximize your towel closet’s vertical space.

Dowel Shelving Systems

This is a classic way to adjust shelves in towel closets, hall closets, and bathroom closet spaces with different shaped items. Depending on how much of a do it yourself you are, the setup installation can take a little extra time.

The system is relatively straight forward. Small hardwood dowels can be moved from one hold to the next. They serve as a firm anchor for folding up a shelf. Then the temptation is to try to drill holes directly into the sidewalls of the hall closet or to install drywall anchor dowel holes. Though it’s hard to be precise with a drill this way. The result of a hand-drilled dowel system tends to be shelves that wobble a little on one corner or side.

If you want to install a dowel system, it helps to clamp four wooden 1 X 2 boards together. Then choose a long quarter-inch drill bit, which is the standard diameter of most closet dowel systems. If you are concerned about being able to drill a perfectly straight and consistent hole through all four rail boards, you might want to try using a drill press.

Shelving Dividers

If you have a wide towel closet, then you might need to also take steps to maximize your horizontal space on key shelves throughout the closet. Using dividers lets you dedicate a single shelf to hold washcloths, luffas, and bars or soap without letting them intermingle.

Some shelf dividers are free-standing and have a simple base that keeps them upright. They are handy for pairing with adjustable height shelves. Some systems have attachment hardware that connects them firmly between two shelves and might be preferable for a towel closet with static shelves.

Under Shelf Basket Systems For Loose Items

If your existing towel closet has static shelves already install in it, you might be wasting a lot of vertical space. Especially if you have a lot of smaller loose items like luffas, bars of soap, bottles of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner.

When these things share one shelf they tend to gradually scramble together at other times. Especially if you have someone in your family with a knack for reaching in to grab something on the go.

Under the shelf baskets are a great way to make the most out of your wasted vertical storage space in the towel closet. Most of the time the baskets can be connected to a sliding rail, which lets you pull the basket out like a wire drawer. This way you can give each basket its own dedicated place and contents.

Towel Closet Door Organizers

The backside of a towel closet door tends to be wasted space. Though if you take out a tape measure, you might find that there are some serious square inches available and perhaps a fair amount of space between the door and the shelves.

This is a great place to install some shallow wire shelves or an over the door bin system. This is a great place to keep small simple toiletry items. It lets you keep things like shaving cream, bars of soap, bottles of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. This can be a great strategy for maximizing storage space if you like to save money by purchasing toiletry items in bulk. A towel closet door organizer also puts convenient bathroom items on hand, without having to reach into the closet shelves.

Collapsible Storage Bins For A Modular Cubby System

Collapsible storage bins are an inexpensive and convenient way to replicate shelving dividers. Most are made from sturdy cardboard or thin sheets of plastic, reinforced by a soft exterior fabric. The corners are pliable, allowing you to fold the bin almost completely flat when not in use. These systems are particularly handy if you have relatively shallow shelves in your towel closet, or you want to store bulk items in the back of a deep shelf.

You can then expand the storage bins as needed to slide into shelves. This is another great way to keep basic toiletry items separate from other loose items like luffas and neatly folded washcloths.

Some collapsible storage bins have label tabs on the front so you can find what you need at a glance. A few even have some type of hinged or flexible front face to open them up as needed.

Custom Towel Closet Shelving Systems

If you perhaps aren’t mechanically inclined do it yourselfer, you might want to consider reaching out to a licensed contractor like the professional staff at Closettec. Our experienced technicians can handle most closet installation projects in a single day, matching your vision and meet your towel closet needs.