Closettec and our designer are affiliated with a wide range of other related industries. This includes specialists like interior designers, architects, remodeling contractors, new construction builders, and contractors as well as an extensive network of vendors who supply state of the art organization systems.

Our highly trained and experienced designers frequently work with installation technicians and contractors in both the industrial and residential construction sector. This gives us the intuitive knowledge and access to both design and implement just about any organizational storage system you can conceive.


Closettec’s designers specialize in creating systems for just about any type of room or building. All while keeping in mind the inherent styling cues and décor, with a careful eye on the budget. Whenever it’s called for we also use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and other digital design features to render a cutting edge digital design. This allows our clients to thoroughly explore all their option while making the most out of every square inch of available space.


Over the years our design team and other specialists have worked with custom home contractors, as well as commercial developers, residential developers, and architects. Many of our projects have also included networking with industry-leading realtors as well as other interior design specialists. Our overarching goal is to provide each and every one of our clients with the highest quality premium home features, that not only improves storage but heightens design.


Our design team is more than happy to host client meetings and help with other aspects of the process such as pitching a sales presentation. We have a variety of complete sample kits to make sure that the finish and physical appearance of all components meet the vision and expectations of our clients.

We also offer a premium in-house installation service with Closettec’s own highly trained technicians working at every critical step along the way. This allows us to provide you with comprehensive service from the initial design stages, straight through to completion.