For many families, decorations are a cherished part of the holiday experience, steeped in memory and tradition. There are some enthusiasts who even go so far as to festoon their homes with elaborate displays that draw onlookers from far and wide.

Yet whether your halls are decked from floor to ceiling, or you simply have a decorated tree in the living room corner, we all end up asking the same question. Where do I store my decorations once the holidays are over?

Fortunately, there are a lot of solutions to handle this problem. Whether you have a back-breaking load of decorations that challenge our modern understanding of geometry, or you just need a tasteful place to keep your artificial tree for the next 11 months, there are affordable options aplenty.

Garage Storage Solutions For Christmas Decorations

The garage is a common storage area for many homeowners. For some, the temptation to store things in the garage becomes so great that boxes, totes, and shelving units start taking up the square footage that is supposed to be reserved for vehicles!

Rather than leaving your car out in the cold, you might want to consider some of the following garage storage solutions for your holiday decorations and other seasonal items.

Peg Hook Systems

In the past, pegboard and peg hook systems were thought of as being simple and cheap. Only capable of handing small items and hand tools. Today these systems have been upgraded to handle more heavy-duty applications. Some can even be outfit with track systems to double as versatile shelving. Most garages and basements are the best out-of-the-way place for keeping the peg hook systems with out of season holiday decor.

Overhead Storage Systems In The Garage

This is an increasingly popular storage solution gaining traction in many modern homes. Not only is there a lot of overhead space in a garage, to begin with, but it also gets cardboard boxes and other soft items up and out of the way of splatter and melting snow created by vehicles parked in the garage.

These overhead systems are very versatile and can often be fastened to the strong rafters and stringers of the garage ceiling. This gives them the weight capacity to handle an impressive load. Yet they can also be set up with spring or other mechanical assist features, making it easy to bring them down again later.

At Closettec our designers have decades of experience helping homeowners make the most out of their garage storage space. At the same time, our well-trained contractors have the knowledge and expertise to install a heavy-duty storage system.Not to mention, it might just buy you enough space to comfortably park your car in the garage again!

Basement Storage Racks

The basement is also another popular storage area for many homeowners. The temptation here is to stack cardboard boxes and totes on top of each other. Perhaps a casual tarp or old sheet is thrown overtop for dust protection.

Unfortunately, this leaves the contents at risk. As time goes on, a heavy box accidentally placed on top of a light low-density box collapsing the top. Not to mention summer rains and something as seemingly minor as a leaky gutter could leave you with water in the basement, which could add insult to injury by soaking your holiday decorations.

The best way to handle this is to install heavy-duty shelves. Not only do they prevent box collapse, but the shelves themselves also reduce dust. It also gets your decorations up off the floor, and away from minor water problems.

Stand-alone units are very durable, and often carry a heavyweight rating per shelf. Depending on what you are storing, this could be overkill. Chances are there’s a better use for that 450-pound capacity shelf than three boxes of low-density garland.

When it comes to storing holiday decorations in the basement, a wall-mounted track system of shelves will usually be able to handle the light, low-density storage boxes. This frees up the heavy-duty standalone shelves to bear the weight of heavy items and other household storage items.

Closettec’s design team has the experience to maximize your basement storage space. Our access to innovation in this arena allows us to provide you with a basement storage system to keep your decorations and other items safe today and into the future.

Attic Storage For Holiday Items

The attic is another popular place for storing holiday items. Of course, the characteristics of your attic and ease of access can be a factor. This would then allow you to make the most out of an otherwise seldom-used space in your home.

If your attic has a floor, a central island storage shelving unit might be just the right fit. It allows you to access items from both sides, without the crawling around that sometimes comes from having to dig in a dark cubby.

Of course, lighting can also be a factor in this space. A simple dangling incandescent lightbulb tends to cast shadows and leave you to find items with little more than your sense of touch to guide you. Fortunately, LED lights can be easily installed in corners, walls, and under shelves to help you quickly see what you are looking for.

Under Bed Storage

Depending on the size, height, and frame structure, chances are you have more than a fair amount of unused space under your bed. Even if you aren’t comfortable with using the master bedroom as a storage area, secondary bedrooms and guest bedrooms are still a very viable option.

If you want something a little more elegant than some low, long plastic tote bins, Closettec’s designers can come up with functional, visually appealing solutions. Things like cabinet and drawer systems that match the room’s style, with pull out sliders tend to be very popular in this space. They let you tuck items away when you don’t need to yet access them easily any time you want.