Home offices are becoming increasingly popular these days, even among those that are not telecommuters. If you’re building a home and would like to include an office in it, here are some things you should consider when planning custom closet designs for this space.

Aside from being a home office, do you have other plans for this room? For example, will it be used as a guest bedroom or doing crafts? Will there be more than one person using this space as an office? The features your closet needs can change dramatically based upon its purpose, so keep these things in mind when you are planning.


When planning how your home office will be used, think about the type of furniture you might place there as well. That way, you can determine if closet space needs to be dedicated to storing office supplies or if there will be a desk hutch that will allow you to do this. If tables for craftwork will be set up from time to time, make sure there is ample room in your closet for storing them. Likewise, if it will double as a guest room, make sure that one section of your closet is left available for storing clothes in.

Your closet doesn’t have to be tucked away in one corner of your home office. It could actually be used to divide the room into separate cubicles for more than one person to work in. Closets such as these typically resemble oversized cabinets, and can be either permanently attached or moveable. They can also contain a multitude of different features ranging from adjustable shelving to drawers in various sizes.

When it comes to designing a home office closet, you have an endless amount of choices available to you. Contact us for even more ideas so you can get started building the closet of your dreams.