Some homes and apartments have small bedrooms. Sometimes its to provide more space in the living areas, or sometimes it’s just part of the layout of an older structure. Even spacious homes sometimes have small bedrooms for children, which might leave them prone to clutter. Regardless of the pros and cons of a particular layout, one thing is for sure: small bedrooms are often challenged for storage space.

Yet that doesn’t have to mean that storage has to be a problem in your small bedroom. At Closettec we have years of experience helping our clients to implement innovative storage solutions in rooms where space might be at a premium. The following are some hacks you might want to consider for carefully storing clothing and jewelry in a small bedroom or closet.

Under Basket Shelves

Shelves are common in many closets. In a lot of small bedroom closets, you might find one big shelf at the top, with a hanging rod a foot or so below it. In a configuration like this, baskets can be mounted to sleek, narrow slide rails. This allows you to conveniently keep loose items tucked away. When you need them, the basket is easy to slide out.

Multiple Hanging Rod Systems

If you have a lot of clothing, and a tall closet, there might be a lot of unused space between the bottom of your clothing and the floor. In a situation like this installing a second rod might give you a surprising amount of space for storing more clothes.

A Built-In Dresser

Moving your dresser or having a system of drawers installed into the lower, lesser-used space in your closet, can free up other storage space. It also encourages you to declutter small items and keep your space properly organized.

This type of configuration can also play well with a jewelry box to hold small items like earrings, brooches, and rings. You might also be able to install hooks on the back wall of the closet for necklaces.

At Closettec our designers have access to a wide range of systems. Many of which are modular, versatile, and can have a custom finish to match the overall styling cues of the room.

Wall Shelves For Deep Closets

Some small closets might be sparse on height or width, yet have unused depth behind the hung clothing items. This space can be a great option for shelves that can hold things like folded sweaters, shoes, and boxed seasonal items.

Behind The Door Hooks

Chances are when your closet door is closed, there is still more than 10 to 12-inches between the panel and the hangers. In a situation like this, you might want to consider mounting small hooks. Staggering them in a diamond formation allows you to hang things like scarves and necklaces without having to worry about them getting caught up with each other or the clothing on the hangers.

Wall Hooks

Just like the back wall of the closet and the door, there might also be space for hooks on the sidewalls either immediately in front of hanging clothes, or discretely alongside the clothing items on the end. This is a great place to keep scarves and lightweight items that don’t need to be folded or hung to preserve their shape.

Stackable Shoe Racks

The unfortunate reality is that even the most attractive pair of shoes take up a lot of space, and tend to only stack well when they are placed back in their original shoe box. A multi-tier shoe rack can hold two to three layers of shoes high. Limited only by the bottom of the hanging clothing. Depending on the dimensions of the closet a system like this can potentially hold dozens of shoes.

Overhead Pull Down Shelves Or Baskets

Some small closets might be short on width and depth yet have some unused height to spare. The temptation here is to stack boxes on top of each other. Unfortunately, this can lead to heavy boxes crushing through the top of the weaker boxes below. Not to mention the chaos of quickly finding the things you want in the stack, while hoping one doesn’t fall on your face.

The solution to a problem like this is a pulldown shelf or basket system. Most are spring-loaded or have some sort of mechanical assistance. This keeps it securely tucked near the ceiling when you need things stored away. A simple handle, then lets you carefully pull it down to access the items any time you need them.

Make The Most Of Your Non-Closet Storage

The closet is sometimes the unfortunate dumping ground of other items. It’s an easy temptation to get into. Maybe some company is coming on short notice and you need to quickly tidy up the room. In a moment like this, the closet might get overloaded, and the door discreetly closed.

Unfortunately, half the items that go into a closet like this tend to either not come out, or simply remain disorganized on a hanger or drawer.

Having alternative spaces for things like window bench storage, under the bed storage cabinets, or a corner shelving unit gives you the storage solutions you need to keep things organized in the first place. Should you need to quickly and discreetly place away loose items they also tend to be easier to reorganize than a small bedroom closet.

You Can Always Turn To Closettec For Innovative Storage Solutions

At Closettec our designers literally have decades of experience helping a wide range of clients implement custom storage solutions tailored to their space. We have the acumen and access to work with any budget, to meet just about any goal.

We also do our best to avoid outsourcing. We maintain our own manufacturing facility, which allows us to produce many of the storage systems we implement at a fraction of the cost compared to our competitors. We also have our own highly trained and experienced installation crews , who can accomplish most installations in less than a single day.