Spring cleaning is a way for us to start over by tossing out old items. The one thing we say we’re going to accomplish but never do is our closet. This is the year. Make time to tackle the closet first. You’ll be amazed how much space you will save and how much more you can add in place of it.

In nj closets take so much time to do. That’s because we are told to take everything out of the closet and place the ones you want back in. Instead of doing that try breaking up the task into smaller chunks. A good way to divide it are as follows: pants/slacks, shirts/sweaters/tops, shoes and accessories. Pick a chunk and take those out of the closet. Analyze each one to see which clothes are going back in your closet and which ones are headed to goodwill. Try them on if you have to. Shoes you chose to keep remain at the bottom of the closet. Group clothes by type of garment. After the clothes are hung you will notice how much more space is in the closet than before. You never know. If the closet is organized enough you may have enough room for winter and summer clothes in the same closet.

If you do prefer to take everything out of the closet make sure you can make a day out of it. It won’t take a day (fingers crossed) but reserving a day for the closet gives you enough time to thoroughly check out each article of clothing. Be sure to hang like items together (pants in one group, t-shirts in another, etc). The empty closet will also assist in discussing possible organizers for your closet. You may not have the space but it wouldn’t hurt to think about it.

When you’re done you may have the room to add more things. If you want to add extra items in your closet a closet organizer can make that happen. You may have the space to add some drawers, shelves, baskets, hooks, a mirror, space bags and/or a small dresser/vanity. This will make your organized closet more organized. For more information on how you can make your clean closet functional and organized, contact us.