Every house or apartment should have a walk-in closet. That’s what most women—and a few men—desire when shopping around for a place to live. It’s a sign of convenience and comfort, after all. But what are you to do when that walk-in-closet you’ve dreamt about is a tiny, postage stamp closet of horror? Well, with a little bit of money and your imagination, you’ll be able to come up with some walk-in closet ideas that can change your small closet into something feasible.

Flat-Pocket Shoe Rack: You can install this shoe rack on the door or wall and it usually can hold about 36 pairs of shoes. If you have more shoes than that, then use another shoe rack.
Shelving: Place a pegboard and mobile brackets onto one wall then lay a shelf or board onto the mobile brackets for an infinite supply of shelving alternatives. Or you can put up shelves using hooks and hinges so that when the shelves aren’t being used, they can be easily folded up on the wall. Corner shelving is also great because it takes up hardly any space; these shelves can hold wallets, purses, shoes and other tiny items that can become lost in a closet, no matter how small it is. You can find low-priced shelving at your local thrift store and you can also buy some spray paint in your favorite color if the shelves need a bit of a paint job.
Hooks: You can hang hooks on the wall, beneath the shelves or in corners of your closet. Be sure to buy big enough hooks so that your clothes will fit on the hook; you don’t want to find your clothing on the floor in a wrinkled heap. A preferable size would be a hook that’s two or three inches. If you don’t like hooks making indentations in your clothing, then hang the clothes on hangers which can then hang on the hooks. Hooks are great in that they keep your clothes lying flatter on the wall, whereas a hanger hanging on a rod sticks out into the closet and takes up some of the space.

Vacuum Sealed Packs: Purchase a clothing vacuum sealing system because these gadgets save a good deal of space in tiny closets. The system compresses your seasonal clothing, particularly large items such as sweaters and jackets. When the packs are compressed, then they’re ready to be put away into flat boxes or on shelves in your closet.
Boxes and Baskets: Put flat and narrow boxes up on shelves out of the way or position along the walls. This is the perfect chance to liven up your walk-in closet and put a bit of you in it! Select some boxes from your local craft store that are brightly colored or have cool patterns on them. If your closet is really tiny, you can put hooks in the ceiling and hang colorful baskets from them. Your local thrift store will carry attractive baskets that are an easy purchase.
Lighting: The simplest light fixtures to install in your walk-in closet are those stick-on LED lights that are found in any hardware or grocery store. It depends on how much you use the light, but a movable LED light can last about six to 35 years and they won’t get as hot as an ordinary light does. Or maybe you’re looking for a use for those battery-operated LED Christmas light strings. Why not string them around the door, across a wall, shelves, hooks or wherever tickles your fancy?

Mirrors and a Splash of Color: A slender mirror on the side wall of a closet or on the back of the door can do wonders for making the closet appear bigger and, let’s face it, if you have a small closet, that’s exactly what you want! Who wouldn’t have a use for a mirror in their closet anyway? The color on the walls will also help make the space look larger as well as brighter, so select a lighter, cheerful shade of paint.
These are just a few small walk-in closet ideas. Go to our website to get some more great ideas or contact us. We’re always here to help!