It is so easy for a closet to turn into a jumble of hangers, outdated outfits and mismatched shoes. Using these simple tips for bedroom closet organization, you can turn the mess into a beautifully organized space that has a place for everything, helping you to spend less time digging for socks and more time living your life.




Keep Similar Things Together

When you are organizing your closet, use basic categories for organizing your clothes and accessories. Keep belts, bags and other accessories together on shelves or hooks. Group clothing together in categories that make sense for you and your lifestyle, like work clothes and weekend clothes or t-shirts, pants and jackets.

One In, One Out

To help keep your closet from overflowing, use the one in and one out rule. When adding new clothes or items to your closet, make sure to toss something out that you no longer wear or is out of style. Keep a bag or box handy in your closet for donations to a local charity as a helpful reminder.

Keep Your Favorites Accessible

Organize your closet so that the clothes you wear most often are easiest to find. Keep special occasion outfits neatly hung at the back of your closet and find great storage for your out-of-season clothes for under the bed or on a shelf.

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