Your time is valuable and you don’t want to spend hours digging through your closet searching for the right outfit for an important business meeting or a fun night out with friends. Investing in a custom bedroom closet design that meets your needs will save you time, allowing you to get out the door and focus on your day.

Here are three simple ways to organize your closet. First, purge all those clothes that you haven’t worn in the last year. These items take up valuable space in your closet. If the clothes are no longer in style or don’t fit well than donate them to a local organization that can use them.

Next, create storage for your out of season clothes. Clear boxes on a shelf or under your bed are perfect for storing out of season clothes. Separating your clothes by season means no more digging past warm winter sweaters to find a favorite summer dress.

Lastly, keep similar items stored together. Storage drawers for accessories and hanging rods at different heights are perfect for creating organized areas in your closet. Keep your categories simple and find one that makes sense for you. Organizing clothes by color, by type (work or weekend), or by style (pants, shirts, skirts) are possible options. Keeping similar items together helps you find your favorite outfits quickly.

A great bedroom closet design and a few simple organization tips can help you save time and look your best. Don’t waste another day searching through your closet for your next outfit. It is time to contact us to design the perfect custom bedroom closet for you!