There are many closet organizer styles to choose from that it’s difficult to figure out which one works for your closet. The right one will use every inch of your closet and will go a long way toward organization. Consider the following.

Size of Closet

Determine if you have a large or small closet. Most closet organizers nj will fit any closet between 4-8 feet of space. The great news about storage closets is that you can purchase what you need. If you need storage space, then purchase storage space like baskets, boxes and shelves. For better accuracy measure your closet. Measure the height, length and how wide the closet is. Take it to a closet organizing business and let them find options to choose from.

Permanent vs. Temporary

Permanent closets screw in the wall. It takes a lot of time to assemble it together, but will be strong for years to come. It does come out but taking out every screw is tedious. Temporary ones will remain on the walls until you’re ready to move. It’s lightweight, easy to set up, easy to remove and will attach to the closet in your next home. How long do you want your closet to stay on the wall? Do you want to take it with you?

Consider your Clothes

Examine the clothes and shoes you own. Determine how much space it will take to organize it properly. If you own more clothes than shoes look for closet organizers that have extra places to hang them. If you have tons of shoes purchase closet organizers with hosts of storage space. If it’s the same purchase one that has a balance of hanging space and storage.

Price and Quality

Closet organizers always come down to price. Does the organizer you want fit within your budget? Know that good stuff isn’t cheap, and cheap stuff isn’t good. Permanent closets cost more than temporary closets. Look for quality in your chosen organizer. Stare at the corners, examine the hardware and look at the material used to create this product. Will it hold all your clothes and shoes or does it look like it’ll break first? Price is important, but quality stands higher than any price paid.

Be sure to contact us for any closet questions you have. We are happy to assist. You can also purchase closet organizers from us. We know closets and no closet is too challenging to organize.