Handbags and purses are more than just accessories; they’re extensions of our personal style, carrying both our essentials and our flair. However, storing them can be a challenge. Whether you’re a collector with a bag for every occasion or someone who cherishes a few versatile pieces, proper storage is crucial to maintain their shape, appearance, and longevity. Let’s explore the best ways to store and organize these treasures in various spaces of your home.

Closet Display

Hanging Organizers: These are perfect for closets with limited shelf space. Opt for organizers with clear pockets, allowing you to see each bag, or choose a cascading hanger design to display multiple purses vertically.

Dedicated Shelves: If space allows, dedicate a section of your closet to display your bags. Place heavier bags at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Using acrylic or glass dividers can help keep them upright and organized.

Attic Storage

The attic can be a great storage space, but it’s essential to protect your bags from dust and potential moisture.

Storage Bins: Opt for clear plastic bins with lids. Line them with acid-free tissue paper and store each bag in its dust bag or a cotton pillowcase. This method ensures they’re protected while still being visible.

Basement Solutions

Basements can be tricky due to potential dampness. However, with the right precautions, they can serve as excellent storage spaces.

Dehumidifiers: Before storing purses in the basement, invest in a good dehumidifier to prevent mold and mildew.

Elevated Shelves: Use metal or plastic shelving units to keep bags off the floor. Store bags in dust bags or cotton covers and place them in plastic bins for an added layer of protection.

Craft Room Creations

For those who have a craft or hobby room, this space can double as a stylish storage area.

Pegboards: A large pegboard wall can be both functional and decorative. Use hooks to hang bags, and add shelves or bins for smaller clutches and wallets.

Drawer Cabinets: If you have a craft cabinet with drawers, dedicate a few to your handbag collection. Line drawers with felt or soft fabric to protect the bags.

Under the Bed

For those with limited space, the area under the bed can be a hidden gem.

Slide-out Bins: Purchase or DIY bins with wheels. Store bags in dust covers and arrange them in the bins. They’ll be easily accessible and protected from dust.

Behind Doors

The back of any door can be transformed into a storage haven.

Over-the-door Organizers: These aren’t just for shoes. Find organizers with large pockets to accommodate clutches and smaller handbags.

Freestanding Units

Bookshelves: A stylish bookshelf in your bedroom or living area can be repurposed to display handbags. This not only makes them easily accessible but also integrates them into your decor.

Glass-front Cabinets: For those exquisite, high-end bags, a glass-front cabinet can be a perfect showcase, protecting them from dust while displaying their beau

Creating a Boutique Experience in Your Custom Walk-in Closet

One of the most luxurious experiences in fashion is walking into a high-end boutique. The bags are displayed like works of art, each given its own space, spotlighted to perfection. Why not bring that experience into your home? With a custom walk-in closet, you can create a boutique-like atmosphere that not only showcases your handbag collection but also elevates your daily routine.

Lighting is Key: Just as art galleries use lighting to highlight paintings, the right lighting can make your handbags shine. Consider installing adjustable spotlights that can focus on specific bags, or use LED strip lights on shelves for a soft glow.

Varied Shelving: Instead of uniform shelves, mix it up. Use different shelf depths and heights to accommodate different bag sizes. This variation adds visual interest and allows each bag to have its designated spot.

Glass Display Cases: For those truly special pieces, consider a glass display case within your closet. It protects the bag while giving it a place of honor.

Seating Area: Boutiques often have seating areas where shoppers can relax and admire their potential purchases. Add a plush chair or a small settee in your walk-in closet. It’s not only functional but also adds to the boutique feel. Imagine sitting down, sipping your morning coffee, and choosing your bag for the day.

Mirrors: Large, full-length mirrors are a staple in boutiques. They reflect light, making the space look bigger, and allow you to see how a bag complements your outfit.

Decorative Elements: Think of your walk-in closet as a personal space that reflects your style. Add decorative elements like artwork, vases, or even a chandelier. A beautiful rug can anchor the space, and personal mementos can make it uniquely yours.

Rotation is the Spice of Life: Just as boutiques rotate their displays based on seasons or trends, consider rotating your handbag display. This keeps the closet feeling fresh and allows you to rediscover bags you might have forgotten.


Your handbag collection is a reflection of your personal journey and style. It deserves a storage solution that not only protects but also showcases its beauty. By incorporating some of these ideas, you can transform your walk-in closet into a personal boutique, making the daily ritual of choosing a bag an experience in luxury and joy.

Considering a custom storage solution for your handbag collection? Reach out to us for a free consultation, and together, we’ll design a space that celebrates and protects your cherished accessories.