Sharing nj closets with someone is a total nightmare. Organizing your own closet is already a hassle, but the thought of sharing it with someone else is twice the hassle. Can we say personality clash? It starts off with both parties agreeing to use half the space. It turns into one person dominates all the space and the other person dealing with less space. Between arguing and shouting it never ends well. Fortunately there are closet organizers that are made for this situation.

Closet systems come with rods, shelves, containers, drawers and baskets. Both of you can really make the space your own. Use every inch of your closet space: the ceiling, the sides, the back, the front and the door. It’s visually appealing to know what you’ve been missing in terms of maximizing space. Making a standard divider is no more with closet organizers. There’s so much more space added with a closet organizer that fighting over space won’t be an issue. The only thing both of you have to do is get organized and keep it that way. Organization doesn’t end when you place the items in the closet.

Add a dresser or multifunctional pieces of furniture for extra storage. Dressers can stand next to the closet so you don’t go far to get extra items. Multifunctional pieces of furniture are great for simple tasks but it doubles as storage. Use a footstool for climbing high in your closet, but make sure it also functions as storage. Ottomans are great for sitting down and trying pieces of clothing on but it should also function as storage.

It doesn’t matter if the closet space is shared by a couple, roommates, children, older siblings, or dorm buddy. An organizer can handle it all. It can handle wide spaces (divide the space evenly), tall and narrow spaces (divide it horizontally), walk-in spaces or too-tiny spaces. It’s really a great investment that’s worth the money and will last a long time. Grab an organizer at ClosettecNJ and keep the peace. Don’t forget to contact us for more information about closet organizers.