If you have little ones, you could understand how frustrating it can get when you walk into their room to find clothes and toys scattered everywhere. At that point, you want to scream to tell them to clean up their room or else, you will ground them. Do you know there is a way to avoid this entire scenario?

You can get custom closet organizers for your children’s bedroom. We are going to share with you some custom closet designs that you can place in their room. Here are some popular ways to clear up space in a room:

1. Symmetrical Layout

If two of your children share a room, opt for a symmetrical design. Children will get their own storage space to put their toys and clothes. You can add shelf cubbies and drawers in the center of the closet.

Label the drawers with your children’s names. Above the drawers will be two shelves reserved for folded clothes. To both sides of the drawers and shelves will be an open area to hang their clothes. Below the same area, going across, will be a shelf with compartments for shoes.

2. Mix and Match Layout

In this layout, you will have open shelves, drawers, and an open space for hanging clothes. You will build the open space to hang clothes on the top, above the drawers and open shelves. Below the open space, you will create a pattern. To make it, create six compartments. Going down, the compartment on the left will have two drawers, open shelf divided by wood panel, two drawers. Repeat on the right side, but start with an open shelf design and so on.


3. Flexible Closet Layout

Growing children need a closet that they can modify as they age. Choose wire-style closet organizers. Your children will be able to change and reposition the components if they require a bigger closet space down the line.

If you children need to increase their hanging space, they can use the slide-our drawer for another purpose and add more rods to hang their clothes on in their custom closet organizer. In addition to this, you can incorporate hanging baskets and shoe shelves.

4. Practical Layout

If your children’s bedroom has a walk-on closet, add bi fold doors with tempered glass panes. Inside the closet, you can add a beautiful and patterned fabric. The fabric needs to be the length of the door panels. Next, your custom closet design needs a drawer and cubby to store your child’s belongings. Create three drawers and a cubby against the wall.

The design of the cubbies and drawers will be in the shape of a “L.” In the empty space between the cubbies and drawers, create a bench for your children to sit on while they put on their shoes.


You can trust Closettec to create a custom closet organizer that is perfect for your children’s bedroom. Contact us today to book your free consultation with us. Allow us to help your children become more organized.