Summer is almost over and now life will become more hectic with the school year ahead. Your child’s room is beginning to look like a disaster due to your recent summer travels. You are overdue in cleaning so you begin by picking up clothes, shoes, toys, and miscellaneous souvenirs brought home in the past months. Sadly, you realize that your attempt isn’t getting you anywhere. With limited space in your child’s room, your first choice is to throw everything into the closet. You move all of your child’s belongings into the closet, you try to close the closet door, and now it doesn’t close. You tell yourself… what can I do to fix this?

Organization is the first step to having a clutter free home and with Closettec’s custom closets, you will get your life back on track and stay on track. One of the many advantages of using Closettec in your child’s room is that everything can be adjusted as your child grows. Go from infant to teen to adult by simply adjusting shelves and rods by hand. No special tools are required to move an adjustable shelf or a hanging rod – now that’s versatility! This can also encourage your child to be responsible and put his/her things away in their proper place. Then when your child is old enough, he/she can simply arrange it to their liking without any assistance. These custom closets can be functional in many ways.

We are a family owned and operated company since 1989. As our slogan says, “hang with the best” and schedule your free closet design consultation at (732) 792-0088 before the school year becomes overwhelming. Get organized with our custom kids closets and contact us today!