Mike Adelfio

Partner and General Manager

Mike is a partner and general manager of Closettec. Mike manages everything after your design has been completed and your order has been finalized. Mike will instruct the production team on the best ways to implement the design, coordinate the installation and bring the finished product together. Prior to beginning Closettec Mike gained manufacturing experience by creating custom high-end cabinetry, architectural work, and European cabinets for a production facility. In 1989 Mike decided to make a change by joining his brother Joe to create Closettec with the vision of offering more than just custom closets, but also offering home offices, kitchens, garages, wall units and then eventually expanding the company’s services. Outside of the office Mike enjoys playing guitar in a rock band and also fishing on his boat. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and three children by having barbeques and cooking pizza, brisket, and many other meals for them in the outdoor kitchen. At Closettec Mike really loves to showcase his creativity by building projects from scratch including the beginning concepts to seeing something completed. He is the kind of person who will enjoy taking things apart and then fixing them, a true problem solver. Mike also really enjoys working with the team and watching them grow into the family environment that has been formed at Closettec.