Is your master bedroom ready for an upgrade? If so, chances are you’re feeling staggered by all the possible options. Though one thing is for sure, the grandest of all master bedroom makeovers starts with a great walk-in closet.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves to transform your walk-in closet into the beating heart of your master bedroom, then you might want to consider some of the following ideas.

The Barndoors Are the Windows to the Soul

Nothing takes away the gleam of an extraordinary walk-in closet like a creaky old closet door swinging awkwardly into the master bedroom. One of the best ways to make your master bedroom walk-in closet feel in vogue is to install decorative barn doors on a sliding rail system.

Not only is it elegant and elevates the décor of the master bedroom itself as well as the walk-in closet. It also saves a great deal of space in the rest of the room, as you don’t have to account for the swinging of a hinged door.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that barn doors like this are easy to replace. If you decide five or so years down the line to change up the décor in your master bedroom, you can easily swap the doors on the rail. This isn’t always the case with hinged doors that typically require you to change the entire door frame to make sure the hinges and strike plate properly fit.

Live Large With A New Vanity

A vanity is both a thing of beauty and a piece of furniture rife with everyday functionality. This is an excellent way to accentuate the interior décor of both the master bedroom and the walk-in closet.

Of course, a large gleaming mirror is a must-have for any amazing vanity. Not only does it make the entire space feel bigger. It’s also an excellent opportunity to add the kind of soft lighting that chases away stubborn shadows in the rest of the room.

Put Everything In Its Place

On the one hand, grouping similar items together just make sense. After all, if you want to find just the right hat, you should keep all your hats together. Yet nothing is saying that this grouping concept has to be boring. In fact, you can even create decorative concepts that are accented by mood lights or directional LED lights to create style motifs. This is something you can use in the walk-in closet as well as the adjoining master bedroom.

Add Patterns With High-End Wallpaper

Wallpaper kind of got a bad name back in the 1970s and 80s, as it was getting slathered everywhere, was poor quality and yet somehow was nearly impossible to remove once outdated. Fortunately, modern technology has come to the rescue to transform wallpaper into a high-end wall treatment deserving of just about any master bedroom walk-in closet.

There is a stunning array of tasteful, elegant, and even downright artistic patterns to choose from. Many have textural elements as well as add dimensionality to the closet. It can also be used as an accent or a border in the primary areas of the master bedroom.

Updated Your Lighting To Brighten Up The Available Space

The term luxury is often defined by the use of light and space. Yet even if your master bedroom or walk-in closet isn’t gifted with a ton of space, you can make it feel exceptionally large with bold, beautiful lighting.

There’s a staggering array of options to choose from. You might want to go with functional recessed lighting, which is tucked deep into the ceiling. Different types of recessed lighting can be used to cast or accent specific areas, all without having a light fixture get in your way.

LED lights are also a great way to accent key areas. They create directional light that can take on just about any hue imaginable. Great for accent lighting and making your smallish walk-in closet feel larger. You can even install walk-in lights in cabinets, cupboards, and drawers to let you find what you need in an instant.

Best of all, LED lights are highly energy efficient. You can even find some that run completely on batteries with hours and hours of life. They’re a great option for letting you put LED accent lights where modern-day wiring simply isn’t available.

Warm Your Floors

Cold floors leave your master bedroom and walk-in closet feeling spartan and uninviting. The easiest way to warm your floors is to use carpeting. A large decorative throw rug can be a great way to add warmth and update the décor, without installing traditional wall-to-wall carpeting.

Another amazing innovation to consider in your master bedroom or the walk-in closet is underfloor heated tile. These days tile can mimic the look of many other natural materials, including wood flooring, faux marble, and granite. Just to name a few.

Then a special electric heating element is installed under the tile. With the flick of a switch, the element artificially warms the floors to give off radiant natural heat. It warms the feet and can even help take the chill out of the air on an unseasonably cool morning. It’s a great way to ease into your day.

Incorporate A Three-Way Mirror

Three-way mirrors have been reinvented with modern glass-making technology. They can be floor-to-ceiling or integrated into tasteful panel displays. When angled just right they let you examine every square inch of your outfit to make sure you are perfectly styled for your day. As a bonus, the mirror also boosts the feeling of open space and lighting in the room.

Put Your Shoes On Display

It’s one thing to have a pair of shoes for every occasion. Though it’s worth noting that a lot of great shoes are pieces of art in their own right. So, rather than tuck them away in some lonely corner of your master bedroom’s walk-in closet, put them on display to enjoy the artistry that goes into them.

You can create display spaces for your favorite pairs of shoes by adding accent LED or recessed lighting. You can even create custom backdrops to accent their color and shape. It’s also a great way to put some of your favorite jewelry pieces on display to match.