We focus so much on the interior of bedroom closets that the exterior is overlooked. Bedroom closet doors are just as important as the inside. It’s the element that pulls the closet decor together. It should serve a better purpose than just opening, closing and protecting the items inside the closet. Make your closet door functional!

Mirrored Doors

You have the option to change the door to a folding, sliding or bi-fold mirrored version. It doesn’t have to be made of solid mirror from top to bottom; choose to include a frame around it. Mirrors make the area look more spacious because it reflects what’s in front of them. It’s best for small, cramped closet areas in the bedroom. It’s also a great option for areas that don’t have much natural light coming through. Mirrored doors provide another purpose: to showcase what you’re wearing. There’s no need to add another mirror when there’s one on the door. Another option would be to hang a medium or large mirror on the existing door.

Blend in With Decor

Doors that stick out like a sore thumb mess up the flow and decor of the room. Replace the door with one that does fit the decor or enhance the existing ones. Take a look at how the current room looks. Take note of the material used, the design, and the color. Check the existing door to see if anything can be done to improve the look. If not you can purchase space saving doors (fold, slide, bi-fold, swing, etc) and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The result is a door that blends so well that you can’t tell a closet exists.

Ventilated doors

These closet doors serve more than just the average door; it provides ventilation. Ventilation is needed in closets because without it clothes become moldy, smells stuffy and attracts bugs. Why not get a closet door that provides it? Ventilated doors are great because it goes with any decor. All you need to do is paint it to the color of the room.

Center of Attention

These doors are the opposite of blending in. They don’t blend in; they stand out as a main attraction in your bedroom. These doors bring a unique perspective of the room instead of being boring. Antique doors, painted barn doors and custom made doors are functional because they add something to a room: character.

Closet doors already in apartments and home are dull. We never pay attention to them unless we run out of space. These ideas will make sure you never forget them again. Contact us for more information on closet door management.