The inexpensive and easiest way to increase the form and function of your closet is to embellish it with LED lights. For people with a walk-in closet, it is necessary for them to see their entire shoe and clothing collection in bright light.

With LED lights promising to shower you with brightness, you need to take their word for it. Why? LED lights last for approximately 25,000 hours, can save you $30 on your electricity bill, and emit about 800 lumens. Benefits aside, LED lights can seriously help improve the form and function of your closets. Here are the advantages of installing LED lights in your custom closet design:



1. Add Sensor LED lights

When you open your closet door, the sensor LED lights will come on automatically, illuminating the entire area. Since they cost less and last several years, you will be doing yourself a favor by investing in them, especially if you tend to forget to close the closet light on your way out.

2. Will See the Colors of Your Wardrobe Clearly

Do you remember the phenomenon of the dress that took the world by storm last year? Remember, the dress that stumped people when asked what color it is. Some said it was white and gold while others said that it was black and blue.

Under proper lighting, people would have been able to see the colors of the dress exactly. LED lights provide you with the ability to distinguish colors, and then mix and match your outfit. LED lights offer even allocation of light along the span of the rods. This in return creates clarity at the ends of each garment on the hanger, thus allowing you to see exactly what the color of the outfit is.

3. Light up the Shelves in your closets

Usually, people do not equip their closet shelves with lights. Without lights, you have decreased visibility to see what you are taking out of the shelf. To increase visibility, add LED lights. However, one concern you might have is the condition your clothes will be in from prolonged exposure to light.

Good news is that LED lights will not damage your clothes, causing them to fade, as unlike traditional lights, these energy-savers emit less heat. In doing so, walking inside of your closet will be a treat each time, as it will beautifully highlight your clothes and shoes. Hence, not only are you increasing visibility, but you are also beautifying your custom wall closet in the process.

4. Add Cove LED Lights

Cove lighting can make a dreary and old closet look glam in an instant. Adding cove LED lights is a way to breathe life into your custom wall closet. You can add cove lights above the empty closet space. If you have high ceilings, cove lights are a perfect addition to your closet, as emitting direct light into your closet may be difficult.

If you need a closet to go with the LED lights you envisioned to be a part of the custom closet design, contact our team at Closettec.