Isabelle Diamond


Isabelle is a designer that will help turn your thoughts into a completed masterpiece. Isabelle has been a designer for over 15 years. Isabelle will have an initial consultation to design what you need in your home such as a closet, mudrooms, wall units, pantries and home offices. She will then create a design that fits your needs and she is very appreciative of being able to create a design on the computer. Outside of the office Isabelle enjoys crocheting, reading, and needle pointing. She is also a big baseball fan as well as a movie buff. One of her favorites types of projects are wall units because storage is not as limiting and it gives her room to be more creative to reflect the rest of the home. Isabelle’s favorite thing about working at Closettec is figuring out the math problem presented by each unique design and meeting with clients to develop a relationship while learning their styles and tastes. She loves getting hugs from satisfied clients when the design is complete!