The persistence of time can be a thing that drags you down as you worry about the inevitable end of your days, or it can be a thing that lifts you up as you aspire to make the most out of the hours you have left. Especially if you are the type of person who appreciates a good watch.

These days all too many people think that accessory collections are only limited to shoes and elevated pieces of jewelry. Though any aficionado of timekeeping will have just the right watch on hand for nearly any occasion.

If you have a watch of three in your accessories arsenal, or you consider yourself a collector of elevated timekeeping devices, then chances are you are looking for the best ways to store your watches when you aren’t wearing them.

If this sounds like the sort of thing that tolls your bell, then you might want to consider one of the following ideas to display or safely store your watches.

Keeping Watches On Display

What’s the point of collecting stunning watches for every occasion, if you only get to show them off when they are strapped to your wrist. That’s probably why a lot of horologists and watch collectors also make room in their closets, bedroom, or office to display some of their finest watches.

This includes things like a hanger stand, or a velvet-lined box to keep it comfortably on display. LED lights can be used for directional accent lighting, and can even be tinted to special hues that will match or accent the look of the watch in your chosen display.

Keeping High-Value Watches Safe

High-end watch manufacturers typically spare no expense when it comes to the engineering and material build quality of their finest time-keeping devices. This includes watches made from precious metals like gold and silver, that are accented or straight out encrusted diamonds and other high-value gems. Not to mention many watch collectors will also maintain vintage watches and time-keeping devices that are veritable engineering antiques from a bygone era.

If this sounds like your watch collection, then chances are you don’t want to leave them out as an easy temptation for a would-be thief. Even something as seemingly innocent as a nosy babysitter can be tempted to touch when they shouldn’t.

To protect your high-value watches you might want to use:

A Locked Glass Case

Which can be linked to alerts to your phone.

Wireless Nanny Cams

That can be positioned and set up with motion sensor alters that ping to your phone.

A Built-In Safe

Creates a secured, lockable storage area in a walk-in closet, wardrobe closet or even being a piece of hanging wall art.

Drawer Storage

Sometimes you don’t need or even want a highly visible place to store your watches. Sometimes you just want a dedicated place to keep your favorite timepieces, so you can easily find the watch that goes best for the occasion or one that matches your intended outfit.

Many people who keep a watch for all occasions will choose to modify a deep drawer. This gives you a spot to tuck your high-value watches away. Yet you can still find them, sitting face-up with the simple pull of a handle. Drawer dividers can help give each watch its own place while keeping your favorite watches from being dented or damaged every time you pull or close the drawer.

Watch Box Under Glass

Another functional way to store your favorite watches, while still putting them on display, is to keep them in the original watch box. Then store them under glass in a display case. LED lights that activate on a switch or a push-button lets you see your collection at a glance, and helps you choose just the right watch for the occasion.

Getting All Wound Up

If you are a watch collector, then chances are you have some vintage mechanical watches that need to be properly wound to keep accurate time, while also maintaining smooth motion. This usually calls for special winding tools and maintenance accessories. Each of which needs to be given its own place.

Here again, a drawer with drawer dividers can be the ideal place for all these finite accessories. The dividers not only help keep things neatly organized but ensure that these delicate time-keeping tools don’t get dinged, scratched, or damaged.

You can also set up a separate drawer divider section to hold other specialty items like watch cleaning kits.

Filing The Paperwork

If you have vintage watches and high-value pieces, then chances are good that you also need to properly maintain the paperwork, and proof of authenticity that goes with them. Keeping the originals filed away in a safe, tucked in a secure location helps keep them safe. It also makes would-be thieves think twice if they can’t get the paperwork for proof of sale. It’s also a great way to secure all your necessary insurance documents.

Just make sure to also scan these documents and keep the images in a password-protected place on your phone. This way you can access a copy when needed without exposing the original documents.

Use A Watch Roll For Traveling

Watch rolls are a great way to protect your favorite watches when you are traveling for work or play. They are easy to store in a drawer or on a shelf when you are at home. When you want to travel, the soft fabric interior not only keeps them organized and safe but also keeps them from accidentally being scratched by contact with each other.


A fine watch collection is beautiful to behold. While it might not be the thing you want to advertise, it is still likely the sort of thing you want to keep on display. Whether it is a glass case festooned with elegant watch boxes, a drawer with cushioned dividers, or a safe with a secure combo known only to you, one of the previous options might just be the perfect fit for your wrist.