Not all closets are created with the same dimensions. Some are taller, some are wider, and there are a few that are even much deeper than most. Of course, this added depth opens the door for some enticing closet organization innovations. If you are trying to maximize the storage space in an overly deep closet, the following are some tips to consider. This is why our design team is called upon to assist with custom deep closet design services to help with the inspirational ideas that will help tailor a solution specific to you and your needs. Some of these deep closet design ideas are below.

Place A Dresser In The Back

A dresser is a great way to keep loose items like socks and undergarments as well as folded items like sweaters. It can also free up some space in the rest of the bedroom. Even if your current closet space isn’t quite deep enough to accommodate your current dresser, a custom unit can often be installed at a very reasonable cost.

Install Adjustable Shelves

Shelves are a great way to store narrow items like books and mementos. It might even be a space where you could keep extra pairs of shoes that you reserve for special occasions. Installing an adjustable track makes rear closet shelves more versatile as you can space them to maximize the vertical area.

Install Heavy Duty Wall Hooks

If you have 12-inches or less of available space behind your hangers, then drawers and shelves might not work best. However, it doesn’t mean that space needs to be wasted. Instead, you could hang heavy duty wall hooks. This can be a great way to store seasonal jackets, coats, and scarves. Staggering the hooks in a diamond pattern can also help maximize the available storage space.

Even if the structure of the back wall won’t accommodate heavy duty wall hooks, you might want to try a pegboard system. These units have evolved from their early days when you would find them holding tools in the garage or a basement workshop. Modern pegboard systems can look sleek and stylish. The hooks can also be changed from one location to the next, making them versatile as your hanging needs change throughout the seasons.

Install A Second Hanger Rod

If you have a lot of available depth, and a lot of clothes that benefit from being hung, you might want to consider installing a second hanger rod. Setting it slightly lower or higher can further reduce the contact between hangers from one rod to the next.

This option also allows you to rotate clothes for the season. When seasons change from summer to winter, you simply move the summer clothes to the back and move the warm sweatshirts, sweaters, and coats to the front.

Use Stackable, Tote Bins With Labels

Heavy-duty plastic tote bins are great for storing heavy items with little worry about the top collapsing when you stack them. This makes them a good option for long term storage of things like old books, seasonal clothing, and holiday decorations, just to name a few.

The key to this storage tip is to label them accurately. This includes a general label on the outside, as well as a more detailed manifest or inventory taped to the bottom of the lid. While it might take a few extra minutes when you are filling the bins, it can save you potential hours when you need to retrieve something.

Make Use Of The Door

With many deep closets, the hanger bar is centered on the span between both sidewalls. This can leave some significant share inches between the corner of the hangers and the backside of the closet door. With a little effort, you can make the most out of this precious real estate by hanging hooks or small caddies.

Hooks that are installed in a diamond pattern can be a great way to store multiple scarves, as well as light jackets, sweatshirts, and outerwear. There are also over-the-door hanging units that can be secured at the top of the jamb. They can be used for shoe caddy pouches or to serve as another lightweight hanger rod.

Keep A Step Stool Inside the Closet

With some closets, the upper portion can be very high allowing items and boxes to be stacked. Sometimes there is even enough vertical space to accommodate two shelves. In a situation like this, only the tallest members of your household might be able to safely reach them.

Keeping a small, collapsible step stool inside the closet gives you the ability to reach higher. If nothing else, it makes it safer to pull down a heavy box from a top-shelf.

Install A Basket Or Bin System On The Back Wall

Even if the back wall of the closet has less than 12-inches of available depth, you might still be able to install a basket or a bin system. This gives you the ability to store copious amounts of loose items. There are even some stylish options that can be used as a caddy for jewelry items and other small accessories.

Closettec Offers Experience And Innovative Storage Options

If you’re at a loss for how to make the most out of your deep closet, you can always turn to the experienced storage professionals at Closettec. Our design team has decades of experience transforming closets of all shapes and sizes into modern-day storage systems customized to meet our client’s specific needs. With every project, we keep an eye trained toward long-term versatility, which allows you to change the closet dynamics as it grows with you.

We are also proud to host our own manufacturing facility, with a large showroom. This gives us the ability to keep our prices lower than the competition by cutting out middle-man costs. It also gives you the ability to explore all the options in our showroom to create a truly custom storage solution that matches your style.

Our on-staff installation crews are well-versed in a wide range of construction techniques. With most projects we can discreetly complete installation in a single day, making it easy for you to realize you’re the vision for your new closet.