When you walk into your closet do you feel overwhelmed from the clutter? Do you need to create more space in your closet? We can show you ways to make your shelving more useful and your
hanging more organized. Let’s get ready for spring by starting with your closets.

Let Closettec help you prepare with these simple tips below:

  1. Purchase enough hangers for your entire wardrobe, either good wood hangers or microfiber covered slim line hangers.  Matching hangers will elevate the overall look of the closet.
  2. Keep your robe and slippers close to the closet door so it’s reachable in seconds.
  3. Hang similar items together.  Group all pants, long sleeve shirts, T-shirts, casual and dressy clothes etc.  This will maximize your hanging space by having clothes rods at the right height.
  4. If you prefer to store shoes in boxes, put a photo of the shoes on each box to save time looking through each box for the correct pair.
  5. If you prefer to store shoes open on a shelf, line each pair with left shoe facing front and right shore facing back.  This will give more space on the shelf.
  6. Seasonal flip-flops should be stored in a shallow, long basket.  Put each pair together with a rubber band slightly lower than the height of the basket with soles together.  Put them in the basket standing upright.  When the season is over, put the basket elsewhere creating room for boots.
  7. Fold your sweatshirts, sweaters and bulky items, place on shelves; do not place in drawers. This makes your clothing more accessible and easier to see at a glance.
  8. Purchase matching baskets for dual use, makes the closet look great and keeps loose items in an organized manner.
  9. Avoid keeping clothes in dry cleaner plastic.  Looks messy and clothes need to breathe.
  10. Hang hooks wherever you have open space (especially behind doors where you have an otherwise non-usable wall).
  11. Purge at least once a year.  If it no longer fits or is no longer fashionable, remove it.
  12. Personalize your closet with a family photo or even a cork board. Adding this to your space will give it that personal touch.


Once you have followed these simple steps it should begin to bring organization into your closets and into your home. Remember, you have a substantial investment in your wardrobe. Spending some time and money to protect and maximize it is a wise decision. Together along with Closettec’s unique designs we can make your space feel like a dream. Remember Closettec has experienced designers to help you organize your home and assist with all of your spring-cleaning needs.