Lighting can be very important when it comes to organization. How could you possibly be organized if you can’t see what you’re looking for? Sometimes the space available just doesn’t accommodate a good source of light. However, there are great ways to get around lighting your closets while still saving plenty of space:


Under Mount Puck LED

The great thing about Puck lights are that they are incredibly portable. If space is an issue for you, these puck LED lights are exactly what you may need. You can fit and attach them nearly anywhere, giving you more control of the space you use in your closet.

Shoe Fence Strip Lighting

Strip lighting is another great way to add some light into your closet while saving space. Strip lights have easy installation almost as simple as plug and play. Not only do they space saving and easy to install,  strip lights are also Eco friendly due to its low electricity usage.


Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors add a level of convenience that may not be appreciated until experienced. The luxury of having your lights turn on the moment it senses your presence saves you time, even if it’s just a little bit. It would also help you save energy if you have a tendency of forgetting to turn off the lights manually.