Isn’t it great to work from your workspace, sip your favorite hot coffee and sit in the comfort of your abode? Well, it certainly is!

The idea to work from home sounds appealing—unless your home office looks like a war zone! Home office workspaces are easily clustered due to paper and project work spread out in the room.

If you want to de-clutter and brighten up your workspace, then you have landed at the right place—below is a list of home office organization tips by Closettec to aid you in the process.



1. Furniture alert

Home offices need spacious areas to provide room for computers, printers, scanners, and other spots to keep your work organized. For this reason, invest in furniture that is not too big and bulgy for the workspace and offers extra room for storage capacity.

You can get custom office furniture that offers room for drawers and cabinets that can help with additional storage. Opt for customization of your home office furniture at Closettec and spend longer hours in a clear, blissful home office environment.

2. Tuck away wires and cables

Messy wires and balky cables can cause accidents in your workspace. If your wires and cables are not concealed in the right places you may trip, taking along any device that is connected to them. It can get tedious to arrange all wires separately. A quick and easy way is to bundle alike wires together.

For instance, you can bundle up your computer speaker wires along with your other stereo wires. This will be of great help to cut down on cord clutter.

3. Dedicate an area for paper processing

Paper clutter takes up to more than 75% of your workspace area. For this reason, it is wise to dedicate more than one place for paper processing. Divide them into 3 different areas. Papers that are not used but hold importance, such as contract papers, developed reports, etc. should be stored in your home office closets.

If you do not have one, you can easily get them from our wood-working factory in Manalapan, New Jersey and create one that fits best in your home office station. Likewise, papers that are frequently used for referencing can be placed in a permanent filing system.




4. Organize books, magazines and files

Getting a home office closet will increase space for shelving books, files and magazines that you may make use of in your designated workspace. You can organize them by their color, genre, size or any other way that you would prefer.

5. Position your peripherals and other devices

This is one complex task, but if done properly, it leaves more space in the room as well as brightens it up. Place peripherals and other devices strategically according to their use. For instance, if you are not using your scanner more frequently then place it in a corner, while your computer that is regularly used should be placed right in the front or centre so that its easily accessible to your home office closets if you need to reference a file or a book.

These 5 tips can help you perfect home office organization that you will enjoy working in. Visit our showroom or website to get your hands on closets and home office furniture’s, and customize one as per your requirement for a clutter free workspace!