We all love the feel of a cute downtown boutique: beautiful clothing on display, a place for every accessory, and the sense of being in a luxurious shop.

You can create that very same atmosphere in your custom closet from Closettec. The experts at HGTV offer these great tips on taking your closet to the highest level of chic.

  • Crown molding. Nothing says high-end luxury quite like crown molding, and it can take your closet from a storage place to a display place with a simple installation.
  • Seating. Just like at your favorite boutique, having a place for a friend or spouse to relax while you choose your perfect outfit is a must. Choosing the right chair or settee for inside–or just outside–your closet makes for a great addition.
  • Valet Rod. A valet rod extends out from your closet wall to put a special item on display. It’s a great area for setting out your evening cocktail dress in advance, or simply to admire a favorite piece.
  • Jewelry Dividers. Any drawer in your custom closet can be a gorgeous jewelry box. Luxurious lined dividers mimic your favorite boutique’s jewelry case and give each and every piece a designated place of its own.
  • Tie Rack. No closet is complete without a high-end tie rack to display the collection and keep things wrinkle-free. But for ladies, a tie rack can also be the perfect place for showing off long necklaces–and keeping them untangled!

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