The long, gloomy winter days spent indoors are now finally over! It’s time to go out and shine bright like the sun. However, it is also the season to perform cleaning, famously known as-Spring cleaning!

Not sure where to start with the process? Look no further, but just outside your window-your garage is calling out to you. A garage is often, the most neglected space of the house, filled with nothing but junk.

Garage renovation is what you need this season. Read our tips below that can help get the most out of your garage space this spring!


Tip#1: De-clutter your junk

First things first, get hold of your clutter. The first rule of organizing lies in de-cluttering your garage space. De-cluttering begins with sorting out things between what you need and what you may need. Start with discarding off items that you do not need.

People often assume, “I might need this later” and keep stocking up items, that is potential junk. Be simple— discard such items, or host a garage sale if you can get some money out of your junk.

Tip#2: Create extra storage place

If you maintain your garage storage, you will be able to free a lot of space. Start with keeping things off the floor. People usually stack items on the floor in piles, but little do they realize that staking only leaves less room to move around.

Invest in some garage closets that can help you with stocking up items neatly in cabinets and drawers. If you are looking for some trendy garage closet ideas, you can visit our garage closet design gallery and get some really cool garage closets designed.

Tip#3: Project Space

Dedicate an area in your garage storage that is solely dedicated for your project workspace. Install suitable furniture that you may need to use to keep your project tools. In addition to this, work on the walls. Drill some hooks that can be used to hang your tools and materials. Likewise, you can get garage storage solutions from Closettec and get your project space designed by our team of professionals.

Tip#4: Safety

People often keep unsafe products such as pesticide chemicals, paint thinners and other hazardous products in their garage. This creates clutter in the room and also increases the chances of accidents.

To reduce clutter in your garage, keep the containers of these products tightened, and store them safely in cabinets of your garage closets.

Follow our tips to get some serious dramatic transformation in your garage area. You can also get customized garage renovation solutions to make your area more functional – where you can do more than — just park your car!