While our design team prioritizes custom design for closets and storage spaces, there are a few popular styles that might serve as a base for manifesting your unique vision. Many of these include features that tastefully address common needs that you find in most storage spaces. This tends to appear most prominently in doors and drawer fronts.

Aluminum frame systems are popular as they allow you to choose from a diverse variety of inert materials. This includes things like clear glass, textured glass or patterned drawer fronts.

Stylishly simple Shaker doors provide a look seldom seen since the Arts and Crafts architectural revolution. They tend to use attractive slab door and drawer fronts to create a clean, modern design.

Router edges and bevels are another visually interesting option for drawer and door fronts. Many of which can be blended with accenting hardware and pulls.


The materials used to create drawer and door fronts will strongly influence the styling cues and décor that can be applied or matched with. Wood and composite materials tend to be popular. Various finishes can also be applied to accent things like grain depth, as well as sheen.

Our design consultants can help you understand the materials that work best for your intended design and the organization system of the storage space. We have a copious number of samples available for you to select from to make sure that the materials you select match your vision.

Door Styles