A beautiful wall unit can be just as complex as your finely crafted furniture that you have adorning your living space. At Closettec, custom wall units are designed and built to perfectly fit around or along your walls, nooks, windows or alcoves based on your individual needs. Closettec’s custom designs are meant to provide you with plenty of storage space with the finest materials, details, and cabinetry that will compliment your  interior, while making the most out of your space.


Closettec’s TV Wall units can be custom designed to provide you the organization and space, whether it’s for your home theater, media room, basement, man cave, bedroom, or anywhere else! It won’t matter if you need a state-of-the-art entertainment center or a multipurpose play center, we’ll custom design the wall system to make the most out of your space. To compliment your TV wall units, Closettec can also design media storage wall units for your movie or music collection.


TV Wall units aren’t the only things that Closettec are capable of designing, they also can build custom Bookcases and Office wall units for your work space. No matter how your office is laid out or how cluttered your workstation area is, a custom designed office cabinetry or shelving can be exactly what you needed to free up your space. The designers at Closettec are experts when it comes to the evaluation and customization of your store and other work-related requirements.